Iditarod Preparation - 1 Day Out

The Iditarod Starting Banquet, last night, was full of enthusiasm, celebration, competition and friendship. It was also long! But so goes the Iditarod tradition.

At about 9 PM Aliy drew her starting number. She will go out in spot number 17. Allen drew his number at about 11 PM. He is starting number 76. For the full list of Iditarod starters and their starting numbers, log onto the Iditarod web site.

Needless to say, the SP Kennel crew arrived safely in Anchorage yesterday afternoon. Two dog trucks, loaded with 34 canine athletes and their racing gear, and one SUV, loaded with Sammy and his baby gear, convoyed south from Fairbanks yesterday. The Big Mountain, Denali, smiled on us throughout the trip. The weather was perfect, the views fantastic.

We are all enjoying the hospitality of Hawthorn Suites here in downtown Anchorage. The dog trucks are parked in a special secure zone in the parking lot adjacent to our hotel windows. While Aliy and Allen tried to sleep after the banquet, Bridgett, Marla and Janet fed and watered the dogs at intervals throughout the night and morning. The dogs are well. They are eager to run!

We'll be posting the final rosters for both Aliy's and Allen's teams before the day is out. Stay tuned!!