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Wednesday, February 6, 2008

The Deep Freeze Hits Interior Alaska

With the Yukon Quest and the Yukon Quest 300 in the immediate future, Two Rivers and Interior Alaska plunges into a week of 40 to 50 below temperatures. Reports from near Circle and Central, Alaska (checkpoints on both races) are -65 below zero on the river. Randy Chappel arrived in Two Rivers on Sunday night, leaving Dallas, TX at 65 degrees and arriving in Fairbanks at -42 below zero. Nothing like a shock to the system! The forecast is showing continuing cold weather into the weekend, warming only slightly over the next few days.

While the temperatures limit outdoor activities, SP Kennel is moving at a crazy pace. Aliy and Allen are working on their Iditarod food drops which are due Monday, Feb. 11. They will be shipping out between 1200 and 1500 lbs a piece for the upcoming 1000 miles race. The Quest 300 will still be underway, so everything must be done before start time, Saturday’s 5pm.

Presently, SP Kennel has reduced its number of teams in the Quest 300 to two. Allen will not be running in this race due to a few minor dog injuries. The kennel’s ultimate goal for the season is the Iditarod and these dogs have to have some time off to be ready.

Musher meetings and the start banquet for the Quest 300 are Thursday and Friday. Further updates to come.

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