The Teams

The race will begin at 10am tomorrow morning. Aliy will be leaving out at the 11th position at 10:20am and Allen will be heading out in 13th at 10:24. Although both would rather have gone out 1st or 2nd, they are happy with their draw positions.

Allen’s “A-Team” will consist of the kennel all-stars. He will be leaving the starting line with ChaCha and Venus in lead. Healer and Rose will also run in lead for him. He will also have the “Black Boys” - Hoss, Tony and Oddball and their younger sibs the “Candy Litter” - Butterscotch, Snickers, KitKat and Skittles. The final spot is still under consideration and will either be Petunia or Nutmeg. We will find out his decision at the start line.

Aliy’s team is a group of powerhouses, but have a bit less experience than the crew on Allen’s squad. The exceptions are the veterans - Bullet, Heidi and Teddy. Mouse and Betsy both ran with Allen last year on the Iditarod. The youngsters are Garlic, Peterbuilt, Dill, Biscuit, JJ, Tatfish and Roy. Only Roy has not run in a race.

I will update you on trail conditions and weather tomorrow as the information becomes available.

Go SP Kennel!!!

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