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Saturday, January 12, 2008

Teams in Chistochina

As I just posted the information about the trail to Chisto, the teams arrived. Twenty of the teams have made it to the 1st checkpoint in 4 ½ to 5 ½ hours. Allen moved up from his start position of 13th to 2nd arriving at 2:53pm. He has posted the fasted speed to the checkpoint at 12.9mph. Sigrid, who started in 5th position arrived to Chistochina 6 minutes ahead of Allen at a speed of 12.5mph. Aliy moved from 11th position to 6th position arriving at 3:06pm with a 12.2mph speed. Lance Mackey made the largest position shift from 21st to 7th position at a speed of 12.7mph.

Adjusting for starting positions:
1st - Allen (Bib #13) with a speed of 12.9mph
2nd - Lance Mackey (Bib #21) with a speed of 12.7mph
3rd - Sigrid (Bib #6) with a speed of 12.5mph
4th - Brent Sass (Bib #23) with a speed of 12.4mph
5th - Sven Haltmann (Bib #20) with a speed of 12.3mph
6th - Aliy (Bib # 11) with a speed of 12.2mph

There is no cell service in Chistochina and limited phone availability. I do not expect to get an update about the dogs and the mushers until Bridget, Ken and Amy head out towards Paxson at 9 to 10pm AST.

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