CB 300 Update, 01/13/08 at 5:12 AM AST

The CB 300 website has not been updated since 2:19 AM AST, but SP Kennel has a recent report from our vigilant dog handlers on the trail.

Lance Mackey arrived at the Paxson Lodge checkpoint at 2:31 AM today, Sunday, January 13. He completed the 70 mile run from Chistochina in just under 8 hours. That is fast!! His dogs looked energetic and positive.

The race spotters have seen Sigrid coming confidently down the trail. She was expected into Paxson around 3:15 AM AST. She has made up about 30 minutes on Lance in the Chistochina to Paxson run.

Allen is expected in Paxson at about 4:30 to 5:00 AM AST. Aliy should arrive at about the same time.

Note that Lance took only a 3 1/2 hour rest at Chisto. Allen rested for almost 6 hours. Aliy rested for 5 1/2. Allen and Aliy have planned their rest/run strategies very carefully. Can you figure out what they are doing??

At Paxson, the teams will rest for at least 8 hours.

Watch for the next installment when Allen and Aliy arrive at Paxson.