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Sunday, January 13, 2008

CB 300 Update, 01/13/08, 7:32 AM AST

Again, we thank our diligent dog handlers on the trail for this update. The CB 300 website has not been updated since 2:19 AM AST.

Allen and Aliy are both safely into the Paxson Lodge checkpoint. Paxson is about 130 miles into this 300 mile race. All teams are required to stay at this checkpoint for their 8 hour mandatory rest and their start time differential.

Allen arrived at 4:36 AM AST. The run from Chisto to Paxson took him 7 hours 51 minutes. This is about the same pace as Lance Mackey and a bit slower than Sigrid. Allen has two dogs with minor aches who have already been vet checked. Allen and his team have all eaten well and are resting at this time. He can depart the Paxson checkpoint at 1:02 PM AST.

Aliy arrived at 5:06 AM AST. The run from Chisto to Paxson took her 8 hours and 27 minutes. Apparently she had a few more challenges than Allen. She had to change footwear after her feet got wet in creek crossings. She also had some problems with Dill in the last 5 miles, in the mountains. He is not feeling up to par and will be dropped in Paxson. Aliy and the remainder of her team have also eaten and are currently sleeping. She can depart Paxson at 1:36 PM AST.

Seven teams arrived in Paxson before Allen. Twelve arrived before Aliy. You can check the musher names and their times when the CB 300 website is updated. Be sure to check the accumulated rest times of all teams. Allen and Aliy have rested more than all the other front runners.

According to Bridgett, it is cold. She guessed it to be about 20 degrees F below zero. The winds are occasionally gusting into the 20 mph range.

Stay tuned for more updates on this blog.

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