CB 300 Update, 01-15-08 7:00 AM AST

We spoke to both Allen and Aliy last night after they warmed up and had a bite to eat. Our Champion told us the story of his catching Sigrid. Apparently the trail markers were difficult to discern at one particular turn. Both Sigrid and Allen took the wrong turn, but Allen figured out and corrected his mistake early. Lance never made the wrong turn since he was able to follow Allen's team on the correct route. Thus Allen was able to gain time on Sigrid while losing time to Lance.

Both Allen and Aliy said that the last 20 miles of the trail were very tough and cold. They both ran beside their teams most of the way. Hopefully both humans and dogs slept soundly last night.

The CB 300 Awards Banquet is this afternoon. After that, the SP Kennel contingent heads back to Two Rivers...to their own beds and dog houses.

For more insight on the CB 300 finish read the article in today's Anchorage Daily News at http://www.adn.com/sports/story/265236.html .