Monday, January 14, 2008

CB 300 Update, 01-14-08 6:10 AM AST

The race front runners are out of Sourdough Creek checkpoint and should be arriving at Wolverine Lodge checkpoint, 57 miles down the trail at about 6 AM AST. That is now!

Looks like the CB 300 web updater is taking a snooze so we will let you know the Wolverine arrival times as soon as our dog handlers check in.

Allen departed Sourdough Creek at 12:35 AM AST with 11 dogs. They were eager to go after eating well and resting for 6 hours and 6 minutes. All team members, human and canine, are pumped as they head into the last hundred miles of the race.

Aliy departed Sourdough Creek at 1:03 AM AST with 11 dogs. Her dogs are also eating and resting well. This is a young, training team. She feels they are performing fantastically considering their age.

We continuously figure and refigure the teams' checkpoint places and their mandatory rest times. At this time it looks like Sigrid Ekran, Allen and Lance Mackey are leading the race. That could change at any time.

Reports from our handlers say that the temps at Wolverine are around -20 degrees F, clear and windy. The Northern Lights were glowing and dancing during the night to encourage the racing teams.

Depending on the trail conditions, the top placing racers should finish in Glenallen between 10 AM and 2 PM AST today.


Julie said...

You're doing a great job, Kaz, as are your handlers... thanks for great updates!! Watching closely.
Brrr !


Mike Frerichs said...

Thanks for the updates! Your page is much better than any of the other media sources. Good luck to Aliy and Alan. Sounds as if their dogs are doing well.