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Monday, January 14, 2008

CB 300 Update, 01-14-08 5:04 PM AST

Per the CB 300 website, Sigrid Ekran found her way to the finish line in 4th position. Brent Sass finished in 5th. Check the website for official times.

Aliy just finished in 6th place with 9 dogs in excellent condition. She crossed the finish line at about 4:20 PM AST. She is very happy with the performance of her young team.

Sebastian Schnuelle finished about 20 minutes after Aliy in 7th position.

Our dog handlers have transported Allen and Aliy back to the hotel to warm up and eat. All racing dogs (including any animals dropped at checkpoints) are well and happy.

More later. Thanks for following SP Kennel teams in this exciting race.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Thanks for ALL the updates.

Aliy, nice recovery... I was following along via the blog and beginning to worry :0

And, what is that, now... 4 wins in 5 years? Yep, Allen is the Copper Basin master... wish I knew the secret to his success Ha-ha!

Well done, guys!

Take care,