CB 300 Update, 01-14-08 11:15 AM AST

The front runners are through the Tolsana Lake checkpoint. Sigrid Ekran blew through at 9:35 AM AST. She completed the 26 miles from Wolverine Lodge to Tolsana in 3 hours and 20 minutes. Our dog handlers report that she has 10 dogs in her team.

Allen went through the Tolsana Lake checkpoint at 10:17 AM AST. This leg took him 3 hours and 17 minutes. He still has an 11 dog team.

According to our handlers, it will be very difficult for Allen to catch Sigrid in the 20 miles remaining to the finish in Glennallen. However, his dog team appears to be very eager and excited to continue the race. Both he and the dogs are healthy and positive.

Expect Sigrid to finish the race at about noon AST. Allen should finish at about 12:40 PM AST.

Lance Mackey is about 1 hour behind Allen. We understand that he had to drop several dogs in Sourdough and is running with a team of 8.

Aliy was in and out of the Wolverine checkpoint as planned. She had to stay for 1 hour and 3 minutes at this checkpoint to complete her 12 hour mandatory rest time. She departed Wolverine at 9:19 AM AST with 9 dogs. She dropped Mouse and Garlic due to slightly sore hind quarters. She was probably being super careful since these two dogs are potential Iditarod stars. She should run through Tolsana at about noon AST. Expect her to finish the race at about 2 PM AST.

The race for places 3 through 7 could very well be a close and exciting one. Stay tuned for more updates.