Monday, April 30, 2007

Summer Time in Alaska

Mushing near Pipeline

After the Iditarod concluded, Aliy, Allen and the dogs headed up to the North Slope to guide trips into the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. They took two groups of 3 people into the most incredible area in the world. They saw thousands of caribou, wolves, moose and a wolverine. A wonderful trip. Girlfriend slept inside the tent with Aliy and Allen the whole trip. Can we say “Pet Dog”!

Miss Girlfriend with Allen

Summer has hit the interior of Alaska. Our spring which we call break up is the muddiest time of the year. Although the temperature is enough to melt the snow, the ground is still frozen giving the water no where to go. Now the mud is gone and the skies are beautiful. The sun rises at about 6am and sets after 10pm. Great time of year. The dogs are all lying out on their dog houses having a well deserved rest.
Flood Enjoying the Sun

We have three pups that were born in early April just starting to move around, two boys and little girl. Jethro is the largest and is probably a good two times the size of the others. He never stops nursing. Life is good.

Aliy will be talking to tourists on the rail road again this year once a week. She will be driving down to Denali for that. Allen or I will most likely be heading down will her. Have a great summer and we will start updating the log again when training begins.