Monday, March 5, 2007

The Team

All right. I have to calm down enough to write this. As I am putting this up, Aliy is running in 3rd out of Rainy Pass. She still has all 16 dogs. Yeah.

Okay, down to work. Aliy’s team is Hoss, Heeler, Venus, ChaCha, Butterscotch, Oddball, Skittles, Manny, Kingston, Hawke, Tony, Teddy, Pingo, Bullet, Pepper and Sparky.

Allen’s team has Girlfriend, Doña, Blossom, Heidi, Reeses, KitKat, Snickers, Rolo, Petunia, Peterbuilt, nutMeg, Rose, Hera, Imac, Mouse and Betty. He is currently still at Finger Lake.

I am heading down to the Race Headquarters to see what info I can find out.

Allen's Daughter Bridget


Team M. said...

Way to run...hope the winds aren't rippin too bad, 80 mph in the Valley.

Kay and Brad Majors said...

So happy to have found your blog, Kaz. We are Texas friends of Dan and Sue Schaaf. We were afraid we were going to miss the blow by blow of the race. Tickled to hear that Aliy and Allen are running this year--truly exciting for those of us who run this race vicariously through all of you. God bless and GO, Go, Go!

Team M. said...

What a glorious start...hope the winds aren't rippin, 80 mph in the Valley.

Team M. said...

Great start, hope the winds
aren't rippin..80 MPH in the Valley

Anonymous said...

Go, Aliy, Allen! GO Kaz :)

Bill said...

Mickey and Doug are obviously on the team too. I saw their pictures in the least they looked like Floridians...kinda hard to tell other than the fact that they looked like two piles of laundry covered in thermal outerwear....
keeping the faith here at the Fort Pierce City Marina in warm and sunny Florida