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Saturday, March 10, 2007

Aliy in Grayling

Talked to Aliy in Grayling. She has had too drop too many dogs in the last day for her liking. She is down to 10 now. She joked about if she dropped a dog at each checkpoint, there are too many checkpoints. She is still very positive, but she is unhappy that so many talented, great dogs have been injured on this race.

Aliy says being on the Yukon is great. The winds are blowing up to 60mph but there is snow on the trail. A huge improvement. If you haven't seen to picture of Jeff King going into Iditarod yet, you have to check it out. http://www.cabelasiditarod.com/coverage_2007/cov07_mar09_02.html
Most of the dogs coming back now have injured triceps. It is not something one sees a lot when running on snow. The barren trail has been taking its toll.

They still have Allen in Iditarod as of the last update. He has to be gone for hours by now, but there is little communication to that remote checkpoint. He is still listed as having 15 dogs.

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