Aliy from her 24 in Takotna

I just spoke to Aliy. She had gotten a couple hours of sleep, gone back out to feed the dogs a second meal and then got herself some food. She says it’s beautiful there. The dogs are lying out in the sun, relaxing. She is working on putting the team back together.

Due to the rough trails, there are a lot of small injuries, some wrists and some shoulders. In her words, the trail has been like being on one of our North Slope trips instead of a race. That benefits her though because she and the dogs have all been on trails like that.

She wants to give the dogs as much rest and food as she can in this 24 hour period. A few have some stress diarrhea which she should be able to get taken care of before she leaves. She is working with sore dogs, massaging them and wrapping them with doggie Ben Gay.

She hopes to leave Takotna with all her dogs. We’ll see what she does.