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Thursday, March 15, 2007

Aliy Arrives in Nome!

Aliy is in Nome! She arrived at 10:57am with 7 dogs in harness. She finished with ChaCha and Oddball in lead. Manny was in single swing, then Pingo and Bullet, and Teddy and Tony in wheel. She had to drop Heeler when she went through Safety.

Oddball had never run lead in his life before this race and has now run close to 200 miles up front. I asked Aliy before she fell asleep whether it was a one time thing, being short on dogs. She said that he looked like his dad AJ up there. That is quite a complement. She also said she didn’t know if he would have the concentration to be able to lead once he was off the race. However , she could never put AJ up in lead until he had already run about 1000 training miles. Maybe a new star was born.

Oddball wasn’t the only neophyte leader in the team. Tony, Oddball’s brother, also lead the team down the coast. Tough situations make for interesting choices.

Allen is on his way to White Mountain. He should be there by about 8pm tonight. We are expecting to see him in Nome about the same time Aliy arrived today, around noon. He was telling us yesterday that he was having some pretty interesting hallucinations over the last few days. We are wishing him some entertaining ones on his final trek.

I am sure we will hear many more stories over the next couple of days from both Aliy and Allen. I will pass some along. We are off to feed the dogs and get them settled in their new little dog yard. Keep checking to Blog for pictures. I’ll get them up as soon as I get some in.

I am so happy she is here!


Anonymous said...

Tell Aliy a stranger says CONGRATULATIONS!!!

I learned about her through Tundra Medicine.

When Allen gets in tell him the same. I'll be away from the 'puter for a few days so I would not be able to send even if I knew when he got in.

Hope the whole family enjoyed all of it.

Former Anchoragite (Many many years ago)

Anonymous said...

Considering the adverse conditions out on the trail this year, I think that still managing to finish in the top 30 is absolutely nothing to be ashamed about. Several mushers have mentioned how difficult it was JUST TO FINISH this year (hang in there, Allen).

Congrats, Aliy :)

Team M. said...

All is well! So proud of you, and those amazing dogs. Now for that warm cup....take good care, ohh yea, take it easy!

Anonymous said...

~I am doing a report on her,
I'm so HAPPY:)- that she made it!!!!