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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Aliy and Allen on the Trail

How is Aliy doing? She seems to be doing well. So far, she is sticking religiously to her 6 hour run/rest plan and it is working. She is making her way steadily down the coast. She arrived in Elim at 5:28am. If she rests her 6 hours before heading out to White Mountain, she should arrive there at 7 to 8pm tonight. She is required to stay there for 8 hours, meaning she should leave around 3 to 4am. If the dogs are in good enough condition to run the whole way into Nome, I expect she will be in around noon Thursday. If she stops in route, we will see her later in the afternoon. I am sure she is ready to get here.

I talked to Allen yesterday. His two year olds are getting a bit tired, but he is so proud of them. He called from Unalakleet. His run to the Coast was beautiful and thankfully, uneventful. He arrived into Shaktoolik at 4:26am this morning with his 12 dogs. We believe he will arrive in Nome early Friday morning.

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Anonymous said...

Cool, and thanks for keeping everyone on the "Dog Log" up to date with the latest on their whereabouts :)