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Monday, February 19, 2007


Vet Checks are done! Sunday, February 18, Dr. Jean Battig of Chena Ridge Veterinary Clinic did physicals on about 40 dogs for Aliy and Allen’s teams. All and all they looked GREAT! Poor Blossom is heading for some dental work and has a broken toe nail. She was about the “worst”. We started at about 11am, Dr. Battig and a vet student Paige doing her practical and finished at about 5pm. It is always fun to see how our dogs relate to other people and to dogs. They are just so darn NICE. Rubia, Aliy’s pet dog, fell in love with Dr. Battig’s little poodle!

Now, over the next week, Aliy will finalize her team. They have 2 longer runs left before leaving for Anchorage. It is all about keeping them healthy until March 3. The runs are slower and the trails are a bit “simpler” right now. No need to tempt fate. It is not really a time when you can joke around with Aliy much. “Oh, that’s interesting!” tends to send her into “What, what’s wrong?”

Allen and Ray are working on sleds and getting battery packs made up. Allen is constructing new removable seats for the Yukon River and the coast. Ray is making any final repairs on the racing sleds. We’ll be ready!

We are very excited about how the dogs are looking! It should be a good race. For Both Teams!

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