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Thursday, April 20, 2017

ID: "Aliy Cam" Near Kaltag

This year, as with many other years, Aliy carried a hand held video camera to capture sections of the trail she wanted to share with you all.

In this video, the third in the series, the team is heading towards Kaltag at sunrise. Isn't it gorgeous?


Nessmuk said...

That was absolutely gorgeous!! The moon....dawn happening behind you....and the dogs getting excited about coming into a checkpoint....a lil sprint to Kaltag! That Yukon is so wide....bet you were looking forward to getting off the River and back onto land for some change in scenery! The great portage to the coast is coming up next!

Charlene&Lisa said...

Just what I needed to start my day off right. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

I miss sharing these videos with Tugboat. She always seemed to recognize Aliy's voice.

Margaret said...

Awesome!!! Thanks so much what are simply GORGEOUS pix - visions, really!!!


Love getting to share these landscape views of AK - only SP Kennel Red Team Leader has an artist's eye plus a team of really really cute doggies!!!

Always grateful.

A-town's Becky said...

It's exciting to see how they pick up the pace when Aliy sounds so happy.

Ron Godfrey said...

Thanks Aliy wonderful footage and very much appreciated and brings a smile and sunshine into my day while dealing with the cancer challenge that is growing. Seeing you handle the team and hearing your voice my 7 "4 legged" kids laying by me look up when hear your voice and the other dogs. Thank You for the smile and brightness this brings.

Bless you all in accord with Philippians 4:19.

Prayerfully GBY

Cindy Schaus said...

Wow! Beautiful! How awesome it must be to have the moon in front of you and the sunrise behind, and all while running sled dogs on the Yukon! Goodness, how much better can it get than that!?!?! Thanks for sharing this beautiful portion of your journey.

Kathy said...

As always the video is what I needed also. This is so wonderful
as Alaska is one GREAT state. Love the dogs collars how they
light up--Beautiful! Thanks Aliy and SPK!