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Thursday, March 2, 2017

ID: Thanks Eagle Pack!

One of the most fun sponsor events we look forward to is the annual Eagle Pack breakfast at Gwennie's in Anchorage. Dr Al Townsend brings together several Eagle Pack employees and representatives to an Iditarod celebratory breakfast with the Eagle Pack family of mushers.

Allen, Martin Buser, Aliy, DeeDee Jenrowe, Dr Al Townsend (Head Vet for Eagle Pack), Justin High

SP Kennel dogs have been eating Eagle Pack since 2000 and all our dogs, from our puppies' first solid meal right up to our 14 year olds, thrive on it. If you are looking for a great quality food to feed your pet or working dog we definitely recommend Eagle Pack - Natural Pet Food. Check out their website or ask your local stockist for the formulation to best suit your best friend(s).



Nessmuk said...

Thats some premium kibble for our furry friends....and they make great cat food too! Thanks Eagle Pack!!!

Margaret said...


Now that is a long relationship - Go Eagle Pack!!!

GO Red Team

Go Black Team


Marilyn cozzens said...

Sale Pack is great dog food. Go SPK. Good picture.