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Tuesday, March 7, 2017

ID: ReStart Red Team Pictures

Amber and Driver

Iron and Kodiak

Spark and Violet

Woody; Aliy is interviewed by Greg Heister for the Insider

Kaz helps Aliy with her bib; Aliy with her parents Mickey and Doug

The Red Team members travel the trail in Aliy's sled bag; In the start chute

Kodiak and Junior lead them off

Dutch and Izzy

Commando and Violet

Woody and Mismo

Amber and Spark

Schmoe and Rodney

Champ and Driver

Felix and Iron


Margaret said...

Thanks ever so much for these pix - and for the wonderful idea to include Red Team member list (it is hard working the computer with fingers crossed - but I'll do it for the TEAM)!!!

Go Red Team!!!


Anonymous said...

Yippee Go Big Dogs .
Aliy you got a rocking team to get down the trail..
Best Journey to you all!
Padee Fairbanks

Barb, CO said...

Every one of these is a beautiful picture. I just love these dogs, all the dogs, and everyone involved in SPK, especially at this time of year. Thanks so much for posting them this way, sort of action shots.

Carol said...

If those don't look like happy dogs, I don't know what does! Go Aliy and team!

Nessmuk said...

Team #41 ready for some racing!!! They all look so HAPPY!! Love the picture with Aliy's parents and Kaz helping Aliy "bib-up"! The Team charged outta the chute like pros! Go SPK Red Team!!

Marilyn cozzens said...

Go Aliy and Red team Great photos, thanks.

Linda Toth said...

There is a nice moment captured in Manley as Aliy came in by the News Miner photographer. Dutch is motion and watching the stranger approaching the team, his manner alert and intelligent. Junior is patiently waiting for what's next. Izzy and Kodiak appear to be focused on what's down the trail. I can see Commando jumping up back in the third row next to Violet.

How lucky you are, Aliy, to have the love and devotion of these fine beings and to join them in this great adventure in their lives.

Dawn Engler said...

I think the last shot in this series is telling. After Aliy has had her hugs, her high fives, her face says to me, "All right, let's get this game on."

With you all the way Aliy!