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Monday, January 16, 2017

CB300: Analysis -- Run Times to Mendeltna

Allen and the SPK Black Team are on their way to the finish line, with speedy Ryne Olson hot on their tails. A 26-minute lead can wither in a hurry during the last, long stint. Matt Hall has not yet checked into Mendeltna, which means he is now well behind the lead. I have no ready explanation for that until I see his run time from Tolsona, but he has already taken all his required rest and will (probably) not stop in Mendeltna.

The rest of the field is pretty steady, with the next four teams all within about an hour of each other. You can bet they are all chomping at the bit to finish their required rests and hit the trail, especially Aliy whose young Red Team is putting in an excellent performance.

The next few hours should be exciting... Go SPK!


Dawn Engler said...

Did Allen finish up his rest time? How about Aliy. Is she finishing hers? Ryne? ACK I hope the family not looking for dinner on time later! LOL Go TEAMS

Margaret said...



Wearing my rally caps!!!

And way to go R&B - run some fast miles to the finish!!! WOOF!!!

Nessmuk said...

Yup...looks like a race to me!! So....this would be the ONLY leg of the race where the tracker will be telling the truth....right?

I believe its a 60 mile run to the finish from Meldeltna....good thing Im in good Armchair mushing condition to refresh, refresh, refresh!!!


Melissa Krahmer said...

Aliy's had some great CB300 teams the past few years. It really shows the depth of talent of their young dogs. What a great race!

Toni Tadolini said...

Well done, SPK Teams! Go Black Team! What fun to follow from Colorado! Thanks for your updates!

Macgellan said...

Yes!... From Mendeltna to the Finish Line, what you see is what you get!

Lourdes, VT said...

Trusting Allen and the Black Team will do all the honors of winning the race!!! They are simply superb!!! Go SPK!!! ❤❤❤

Marilyn cozzens said...

Go SPK, Allen, Aliy, & Chris.