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Monday, November 14, 2016

The Olympic Puppies are 4 months old

Gold, Prata and Bronze have reached a Puppyhood benchmark: 4 months old. It doesn't seem like they should be that old yet. Gold is quite large, happy and grabs any and all attention as quick as possible. Prata is racy, fast and will jump in your lap and steal gloves, loose clothing and kisses. Bronze is the sweetheart. She doesn't bother anyone and would like her big brother and sassy sister to quit picking on her. When Bronze grows into her legs and barrel chest she will easily hold her own.

Jeanne Schnackenberg photo.


Barb, CO said...

Beautiful babies! This pic is going up on my fridge with my other Grand dog.

Steve Parker said...

So cool. Wish I could meet them in person now. Thanks for sharing.

Gaye Morgan-Walton said...

They are adorable now and I expect great things from them down the trail!

Dawn Engler said...

You would think I'd not be surprised by how fast they grow now. Still shocks me! They look great!

Anonymous said...

Three winners!!!


Thanks so much for these beautiful pix!!!



Nessmuk said...

Wow....they grow up so fast....I LOVE the puppy months, absolutely love them!! Bronze, you hold your own girl friend....Prata...you sound like my boy Whiskey....always brings me a lose sock or glove.....keep your eye on that Prata the stealer! And Gold, you big lovable brute...can't wait to see what ya can do in a harness...I bet you will continue to grab our attention!! These are a special 3 this year...bet they get lots of lovings!

Marilyn cozzens said...

Love the puppy pictures. They are growing so fast. Bounding through the snow, priceless!