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Thursday, May 12, 2016

TBT: Winter Is Coming

Throwback Thursday

We thought you might enjoy this short video from mid-October 2012 featuring a tiny Lydia and her almost-as-small sister, Junior. Nowadays they are confident and accomplished soon-to-be four year olds. Both dogs raced the Iditarod on the Black Team this season. Junior lead the squad for 500 miles and came across the line in that position. Lydia is no slouch and dug in halfway through the race to prove that she was one of the most enthusiastic members of the team.

In this video they were just 10 weeks old and experiencing snow for the first time.

How time flies!


Anonymous said...

Woof, woof, woof!!!

Must be coming up to winter in NZ and the Southern Hemisphere!!!

Aren't these Olivia pups amazing at only 10 weeks!!!

Thanks so much for the "memories" - most sincerely,


Nessmuk said...

I LOVE puppies!!! Little Lydia and Junior are SO cute! They have a bright future at SPK....go girls!

0300jh JeanneHammel said...

Love the TBT insight and video clip. The little ones have come far.... and Aliy has come far too! Happy Summer to all at SPK. Love you all.

Cindy Schaus said...

Cute puppies giving lots of kisses and running around experiencing this thing called snow. And look at them now, all grown up and being SPK rockstar sled dogs, Fun stuff!

tmcaleer said...

Kodiak's litter mates, does not seem possible .. Time passes!!