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Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Ready To Welcome Our Red Team Heroes!

This photo just in from Moira at the finish line, where every canine member of the Red Team will have a comfy straw bed and a clean warm blanket:

Aliy will handle the finish line process as fast as possible, then find herself a couch!

They've run an awesome race and I know we are all very, very proud of them... Go SPK!


A-town's Becky said...

Looks like the perfect resting spot for a Super Pup!

Toni Tadolini said...

Go. Aliy. Go! So proud of you and your team! Enjoy your well-earned rest!

Margaret said...

Ten miles out - wonderful to "hear" your voice, Macgellan!!!

So proud of them - 4-legged and 2 legged! A graphic for this occasion:


Carrie Hopkins, Windsor, CT said...

Woo-hoo! Thanks Macgellan! My eyes are not coming off the tracker and I'm furiously refreshing every chance it lets me! Planning on taking my lunch and being home to watch them come in.

Sherri Suppelsa said...

They have run an amazing race and look to be pouring it on from Safety!! Go Red Team!

A-town's Becky said...

Aliy's 6 miles from the finish, and the II live feed cuts out.
SP Kennel website still works.
Back to the tracker.
Go Aliy!

Marie said...

Wohooo so proud of the whole team!!! Such an amazing race, amazing dogs, amazing people - and such an amazing coverage of the race on here. I really love what you do on here - keeping us fans from all over the world no matter how far away, so well informell and letting us be a part of it all. big thanks to the "doglog-crew" !
I'm ready to welcome them too - via the life feed on the Iditarod page :)

Sunny said...

woo- hooooooo! I am SO fired up! Go, Red Team, go! Wish I could be there at the finish line to high-five Aliy and the spectacular SPK 4-legged athletes. This is incredible. What a fantastic race. I bet the fans go absolutely WILD. Can't wait to see pics. I am so happy for Aliy and the dogs - another great finish, here we come!

Judy in VA said...

Must admit I've waited to see Aliy come in for hours--Iditarod Live Tracker seems to be down! What a bummer!

Still, congratulations, Aliy when you cross the finish line! Way to go, Red Team!

tmcaleer said...

Can not believe that LiveStream is down! Oh sad state of affairs!
Well, we will see reruns but still will be cheering her as we watch the GPS tracker miles click down.

christine gilman said...

to bad the idiots that are streaming it are making us miss the finish because it's not working.

Linda Toth said...

Both Teresa and I are trying to watch the Live video stream - no luck. It timed out most likely because this particular event is not restricted to Insider subscriptions - and why should it be? Everyone wants to celebrate their favored musher coming in.

But, I am sorry to not see it for myself live. She has run a fantastic race with a young team.

LannieK said...

Congrats! Congrats! Congrats!
Hugs for all, coffee for Aliy!

A-town's Becky said...

Congratulations Aliy, and her Super Hero Red Team.
Unbelievable, this year an accomplishment of a true team of
now I can get some chores done, maybe sleep,
then back to check on the Black Team
Go Violet!

Mar said...

Woo hoo! So glad to see they are in Nome and thank you, Magellan, for the update. Have been watching her GPS only to find out Livestream is down. 😂 At least they are home in Nome and are able to get some much deserved rest. Congratulations to Aliy and the team and I am looking forward to Allen coming in soon.

Mar said...

Woo hoo! So glad to see they are in Nome and thank you, Magellan, for the update. Have been watching her GPS only to find out Livestream is down. 😂 At least they are home in Nome and are able to get some much deserved rest. Congratulations to Aliy and the team and I am looking forward to Allen coming in soon.

Cathy said...

Congratulations! They say you never know what might happen during the Iditarod, and dang if it ain't true. Very proud of the Red Team! I just home the Livestream comes back up so I can watch Wade, and Brent, and Jessie, and my other favorites (Go, Black Team!!!) come in.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Aliy, doggies and all the SP Kennels crew! What an inspirational race and amazing lesson in perseverance. It was because of Aliy that I first began to follow the races a few years ago, and every year I am reminded of why. Thanks Aliy for being such an amazing example, especially for young girls coming up who see through you just how much is possible (though I confess I've learned a thing or two, too, and not just about mushing). Aliy Zirkle PJs indeed!

Margaret said...


Quito, lead these girls on to a marvelous finish:


And Nachos, get these guys motoring and share your joy of racing and prancing:


Maryalice Adams said...

Welcome to Nome Aliy and team and tons of congratulations! Wishing you and the dogs well and sweet dreams. Looking to watching Allen come in soon.

Anonymous said...

WOO HOO! Go Aliy! So happy for you and your team of Wonder Dogs!!!! What a great finish after such an awful experience earlier in the race. Time now for some rest and relaxation!

MBB said...

Perhaps the feed being down was meant to be, giving Aliy her privacy...

Holly Freeman said...

Aliy, I hope you take time after this race to get what you need. Proud of slackers, and heros in the moment...in the end, its a communal experience of the holding each other (paws and hands) to get the job done.

Hope you got some good coffee and a place out of view.


Anonymous said...

Thank you Moira so much for the impressions of Nome: just as if we could join you. So much fun to follow!
Thanks team. Hopefully Aliy can find such a peacefull nest as well!!
Looking forward to your next posts and Allens black team update!

Marilyn cozzens said...

Looks like a very relaxing bed to rest in after 1000 mile trip. Aliy what a fabulous performance through very disturbing circumstance, and you always make time to connect with your fans. What an example and class act. Congratulations on a fantastic race with 13+ 1( Clyde) that would have made it to Nome. Wonderful job. Get some much needed down time.