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Saturday, February 13, 2016

YQ: Pelly Crossing Update

The handler crew rolled into Pelly Crossing checkpoint about midnight last night and immediately threw our sleeping pads and bags down and got a GREAT sleep. The checkpoint is based in the community centre and gym so there is always plenty of space to spread out and relax while our mushers and teams are out on the trail.

The local school students have made pictures of the mushers and written them letters to open once they arrive. It's so fun to see how the communities get involved with the race.

The temperatures in this part of the world have been and are forecast to be warm so the volunteers have packed snow around the drop bags to keep them frozen. The bags are full of frozen meat and human food so it is important to keep it cold.

Drop bags packed in snow; the handlers' sleeping quarters

This morning Allen and the Black Team went through Stepping Stone Hospitality Stop at around 8.30am (there are no 'official' times as it is not an actual checkpoint).

The run from Stepping Stone to Pelly is around 38 miles. The trail is evidently hard packed and fast with few obstacles so we hope to see them early this afternoon (unless he plans to camp again on the trail).

The Yukon Quest team have done an awesome job setting up internet for us to use in checkpoints so we will be utilising it to watch the tracker very closely. Bridgett is a master at studying the tracker and working out different scenarios for different mushers so it's is fun to try to figure who is going to make what move next!

Felix Update: Felix is doing fine; he had a long sleep and he ate a good meal this morning. He is obviously feeling better! Next time we get him out of the truck we'll get a pic or two.


Barbara Boucher said...

looking good handlers!! the race & the temperature are heating up, so keep up the great job you've been doing keeping the at home team informed. good to know Felix is feeling better & love seeing Allen out in front!!

patricia lewis said...

You give us exactly what we want, details. You're the best.

Looking forward to seeing Felix later. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Very exited to follow Allen and the Super-dogs on his lead to Pelly, though still on that road, many climbs involved they speed up!, and here we cheer: Go SPK, Goooooo!

J elliott said...

Excellent! Thank you... Watching allen get closer at these moments...

Anonymous said...

Wonderful news! Glad everyone got a nice rest, and of course, so happy to hear Felix is feeling tip-top again!!!



Anonymous said...

Thanks for the great updates! Looking good everyone! Go SPK!

Anonymous said...

Thanks team! You look rested a bit. Great job, keep getting stronger Felix! Speedy run SP!!

Anonymous said...

DId Aliy get safely back to SPK?

Nessmuk said...

What an awesome reception that awaits the mushers....I'm always happy to see kids getting an interest in the sport! Glad to hear Felix is feeling better...love ya Felix!!! We are watching the tracker constantly....its hard to get anything done around here!! Go SPK Black Team!!

A-town's Becky said...

Awesome pic of top notch handlers!!!

Thank you for the update on Felix.

This race started out close and it looks like it's gonna be another exciting one to the finish.

YQ team certainly does provide wonderful access, and we appreciate you taking full advantage to keep us in the know.

Anonymous said...

Yeah! Allen first into Pelly with 40min lead!!
"Only" 300 to go. So proud of those sweet tough dogs!!

Kathy Privratsky said...

You three rock! Thanks for the updates. Go Allen and the Black team!!

Marilyn cozzens said...

Wonderful photo of the handler team .Yeah Allen & young team is first into Pelly. Glad Felix is feeling better. Allen is so wise in his run/rest schedule. The team looks Awesome, such happy dogs. Go SPK.