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Sunday, January 10, 2016

CB300: Run Times to Sourdough

With the top teams now in Sourdough, here's an update on their total run times.

As you can see, Matt Hall has continued his strong run and now has a 22 minute lead on Allen. Ryne Olson has poured on the speed to take third spot, with Aliy and Nic rounding out the top five. They are all within about 30 minutes of the top speed!

Teams are at about the half-way mark of the race, so now is when training, stamina and determination really start to come into play. Although all the top teams have taken their mandatory 6-hour plus start differential rest, they have taken slightly varied amounts of total rest so far. We're getting closer to the point where position on the GPS tells the true story, but not quite yet... Stay tuned!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update. I was wondering what the standings were. Since the CB300 does not post in and out times, I couldn't calculate the standings myself.

Nessmuk said...

Wow....I did the math right....Macgellan you taught me well buddy!! So there is like approximately 35 minutes of running time that separate the 1st from 5th places right now....yikes! I call that a race with another half to go yet! Darn it.....I gotta work tomorrow.....thank goodness for smart phones!

A-town's Becky said...

Thanks Macgellan!
Seriously, a nail biter!
Wooop wooop, go SPK pups.

Anonymous said...

Macgellan, the official times on the CB300 web page show Allen's run time as 3:34 to Sourdough.

Anonymous, the CB300 is posting all the in and out times on their website under checkpoint times.

Anonymous said...

Now I see where the numbers are. Thanks for the help.
So I see Allen dropped a dog.....who?

Anonymous said...

Do you have cumulative rest time calculated too? Can't find that anyplace. Thanks! Go SPK.

Anonymous said...

Click on the musher's name on the Leaderboard page and it gives all the stats for the particular musher and go to "stopped time"