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Friday, October 2, 2015

Dog Fan Club is Open!

The 2015-16 Dog Fan Club is now open!

Thank you all so much for your support for this programme over the last two seasons. The feedback we've received about how you've become "invested" in your favorite dogs and enjoyed following their season has been tremendous.

We are in the fortunate position once again this season that all our SP Kennel dogs will have individual sponsors, and for that we are eternally grateful; and we have a long wait list for that programme. Our policy of "one dog, one sponsor" meant that, in previous seasons, many of you could not directly support your favorite dog(s). The Dog Fan Club came into existence during the 2013-14 season after Aliy was trying to figure out how you can show your support for your special dog(s) outside the dog sponsorship programme.

Will you choose Ernie, Izzy, Nomex or someone else?

When you join the Dog Fan Club, your name is displayed on the Dog Fan Club page and every two weeks we make a random draw for a lucky winner. Last year we gave away prizes such as a signed CB300 poster, an Iditarod ball cap and SP Kennel merchandise. We may also have extra, bonus draws throughout the season so keep an eye out for those.

The winning dog gets extra treats out of the Dog Fan Club biscuit barrel that they often share with the rest of the yard.

Show your support for your favorite dog today! The Fan Club is open from October 3rd to the end of March. The first random prize draw is Friday, October 16th.


Anonymous said...

Wonderful pictures of the 4-legger SP Kennel Team show ing their personalities!!!

0300jh JeanneHammel said...

It's amazing how "the five" have grown!!

Cindy Schaus said...

I wish I could become a fan of all of them...and I don't know that I have a true favorite. I absolutely love Champ's picture on the fan club page. I remember it well last year when, the middle of the Iditarod, there was a blog post called "" meanwhile back at the kennel" and that same picture of Champ was on that post. When I see a picture or hear story of Champ or Mismo, I will always think of the imaginary conversation between them that was in that posting. Now back to figuring out which dogs to become a fan of. Fun a stuff!

Anonymous said...

Chena has told me that although she is bold in harness, she still is shy because she thinks her ears are too big.

So as her sponsor, I have done a graphic portrait from the Fan Club photo. Not for "team" or "fan club" picture use, but just for her. URL below:



marilyn cozzens said...

This is one of the best features that SPKhas. Thanks so much.

Barb, CO said...

One of the amazing things about this blog is that the dogs and humans all look so good, all the time. It is as though no one has a bad hair day ever. I love the new shot of Waylon (who does apparently have some cold hair days) What is Ernie resting his paws on in the photo above? what great camera work, every time.

Gaye Morgan-Walton said...

I love all the dogs of course but do have some favorites--although I cannot afford to be a fan of all of them. I will probably add a few more a bit later though. It's such an honor to have even a teensy weensy part in this wonderful endeavor!
The beauty. spirit and intelligence of these dogs never ceases to amaze me. Awesome is overused but it surely applies here. These are incredible creatures, in large part because of the care, training and encouragement they get from Aliy, Allen and the rest of the SPK team. Hats off to all!!