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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

A Month in Alaska

Karolyn first reached out to us while Allen, Aliy and 32 SP Kennel huskys were still trotting down the Iditarod Trail in March. Her e-mail said: "I have been interested in dog sledding for years, probably since I read "Call of the Wild" by Jack London."

Karolyn, like many folks following the race, saw the awesome bond that exists between husky and musher and wondered… maybe that's for me? But, she took the next step and dove in head first!

Karolyn and Aliy on a September ATV scouting adventure with Tig as a photo bomb.

Karolyn arrived at SP Kennel in early September for a month long immersion into the dog mushing world. As a young, recent college graduate a month in Alaska seemed like the perfect break.

So for the last month, she has donated her time and lots of efforts helping at SP Kennel: training dogs, building dog houses, weighing dogs, bull dozing the dog yard, doing endless kennel chores and of course… helping with new born puppies. She even held down the 'fort' when Aliy and Allen went to Sweden. We thank you Karolyn for your steady head, your dedication to our dogs and your happy presence.

The puppies will miss you!

Karolyn and Chipper during 'kennel weigh in day'; Mac gets some luvin'!


Margaret said...

Awesome!!! SP Kennel is the very, very best!!!

Thanks so much to Karolyn for her helping hand or as Mac might say "Woof" (Translation: "That's 'paw' Margaret").

A-town's Becky said...

What an exciting graduation gift!
Best wishes in all your endeavors Karolyn.

Nessmuk said...

That awesome bond between musher and dog is omnipresent at SPK! Bet Karolyn loved every precious moment helping out with chores, and made a few bonds of her own with SPK dogs and puppies!! Gotta love the puppies.....and that picture of Chipper is adorable! Hope Karolyn found her passion with this real life "call back" to the wild!

Gaye Morgan-Walton said...

Karolyn, you have just lived one of my dreams! I am old enough to be your grandma --I have a couple of grand daughters about your age--but I sure do want to spend a month at a kennel and would be happy to work for the privilege--maybe next fall I can see that happen!! If you happen to read this, I would love to chat with you about your experience for a book on the women mushers that I am working on! you can write me at the addy that I use here or azwriter427 at yahoo.

Cindy Schaus said...

This is so great! Congrats to Karolyn for taking the initiative to contact SPK and become immersed in your world for a month. Maybe in the future we will see her as a contender in the dog mushing world!?!? Love the pic of Mac on his hind legs...almost as tall as she is.