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Monday, February 9, 2015

YQ: Pelly Crossing Update

Allen and the Black team pulled out of Carmacks after a little over five hours of rest, with Brent Sass right on his tail. The dogs were ready to get going again and they left out of the checkpoint with sisters Quito and Chica leading the way.

Allen had a great rest himself at Carmacks was refreshed after a good meal and some shut-eye. Just before he left he loaded up on chemical hand and toe warmers, bracing for a chilly night on the trail. He, again, refixed jackets and ticklers, replaced booties and saw to it that the dogs were rugged up ready also.

Once we had the Black Team out we set about sending Aliy and the Red Team on their way. Aliy was really disappointed to leave Wedgy and Lydia with us and was sorry she couldn’t get them all the way but it was certainly in their best interests to ride with us for the rest of the race. They both worked so hard for her for the first half of the race and they are doing just fine now – happily wrapped up in jackets, sleeping in the truck with full bellies after a warm, wet meal.

You may not be able to tell from the tracker yet but Aliy has stopped to rest the team at McCabe Creek Dog Drop. This is a big indication that she is running a much more conservative race plan than most would have expected. Remember, she has a lot of inexperienced youngsters on her team and she wants to make it a positive experience for them by not pushing too hard. By stopping at McCabe they get a few hours on straw and recharge for the run through to Pelly. They've been making great time and keeping a good pace but this race is a big deal for some of her team mates so an “easy does it” approach is warranted. You know Aliy will always run the race that suits her dogs so she will be making these plans very deliberately.

The Black Team arrived into Pelly at 4.10am and is now settled down to rest. The jumble ice Allen was anticipating was a “feature” of the run and he’s pleased to have that section completed. He purposely slowed the team down in over that area as it was very rugged and it would have been easy to break something - a sled runner, ski-pole, a bone... He said the dogs loved it though, picking their way through the big chunks and skipping over the jumble so he needed to restrain them. It was physically hard work for him to manoeuvre the sled so he said he never felt cold!

Allen just polished off some beef stew and spaghetti, is rehydrating himself and taking a nap. He has his clothes strewn out over a drying rack under a heating vent to ensure they are dry for the long leg ahead of them. The next leg to Dawson is over 200 miles which, obviously, cannot be done in one go so expect him to camp along the way. There is still a long way to go in this race - around 750 more miles!


Nessmuk said...

Happy to read the update on both teams...thank you! The YQ Facebook page posted Allen's Team looked happy coming into Pelly...that made me smile. Lots more miles to go yet!! You are doing AWESOME Red and Black Teams!!

AK Michele RN said...

Thank you for the detailed update on both teams. :) Mush on!

A-town's Becky said...

The Black team is looking great, keep eating, resting and taking in the liquids, it's a long race ahead.

The Red team is doing phenomenal. Two and three year olds with a pair of veterans are really doing the job. Especially when you consider how short the resumes are on these dogs. Go Chipper and Wedgy! That 50 mile Two Rivers won't be what you bark about now!!!

I love the pics on SPK's instagram, especially the one of Spencer holding Chipper. Don't worry Chipper all the other dogs are jealous!

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for this update!!!

Glad to hear Wedgy and Lydia did so well, and that they are feeling fine now!!!



Lourdes, VT said...

In spite of the fact that this race has been exceptionally tough from the get go, both the Black and Red Teams are performing like the stars they are!!!
I read a short interview with Allen by the Official Yukon Quest site on Facebook, and I cracked up at his humor!!! When they asked him how the race was going so far he said ' Well? The dogs have not overheated, so there's that'. Absolutely awesome response!!!
Go Allen and the Black Team!!! You are absolutely awesome!!!
Aliy, you are running a great race!!! You are putting the well being of your very young team first and foremost!!!
Go Aliy, go!!!

Lourdes, VT said...

The Black Team is running the best race ever, given the weather and difficult terrain!!! Very well planned and excecuted with a clear mind and regard for the dogs!!!
The Black Team rocks!!!

marilyn cozzens said...

Allen, what a great race you are running. Glad you got some rest and prepared for the next hard run to Dawson. Go Black Team. Keep to your well thought out race plan.