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Friday, January 16, 2015

Verizon Wireless - New Lead Sponsor

Verizon Wireless has come to Alaska!

And we are pleased to announce that they have become a new "Lead" sponsor for SP Kennel!

That's right - SP Kennel, Aliy and Allen are now partnering with Verizon in Alaska. Verizon was recently launched in the last Frontier and now provides 4G LTE coverage to Fairbanks, Anchorage, the Mat-Su Valley, Ketchikan, Juneau, Copper River Valley, and much of Prince William Sound.
During Phase 2, Verizon is looking to expand into other areas of the state.

Aliy and Allen met with the Verizon team at SP Kennel in late December. Kennel visitors were: Chris Fitzgerald, District Manager of Verizon Alaska, Demian Voiles, Vice President of Verizon Alaska,‏ Ciji Clark, Business-to-Business Outreach for Verizon Alaska; Charles Fedullo, Director of Public Relations for Northwest Strategies and Amanda Combs, Northwest Strategies Account Supervisor.
(ABOVE RIGHT: Allen takes Chris for a sled ride with Quito and Junior in lead.)

Chris Fitzgerald and Demian Voiles sporting their 'Red Team' beanies with Aliy and Allen at the Kennel.

The following week Aliy and Allen met the entire Alaska Verizon Sales Team at their brand new store in Takatnu Commons in Anchorage. That was fabulous since the two teams will now be partnering for the rest of the season. As well, both mushers got some much needed and ~ up to date ~ education in communication technology from the very knowledgeable staff. Since both Aliy and Allen will be receiving brand new Smartphones (with super protective cases) this was very necessary. NOTE: Allen has promised not to drop his Smartphone in the Chena River (yes… that's a whole different story.)

Aliy and Allen will be at In-Store Events in the Fairbanks Verizon store on January 31st from 12-2pm and at the Anchorage store on February 28th from 12-3, so if you are in the area on those dates make sure you call in!

We are so excited that Verizon is now part of our SP Kennel team. (Right: Aliy signs the sponsorship contract while Skunk looks over her shoulder.)


Anonymous said...

Yippee! guess I will keep Verizon for when I move up there! every bit helps I am sure. my phone worked up there ok 2 yrs ago bet it will do even better! lol. =)
padee Santa Rosa CA

Anonymous said...

Such a significant piece of news!

Quito recognizes this and is LUNGING like a pup, raring to go, EVEN FASTER than 4G something.

By the way, I am deeply impressed with SP Kennel having an all-American financial lead sponsor - congrats!



Anonymous said...

Great news!,

Patricia Lewis said...

Verizon's colors are also red and black -- it's a no brainer for them to join with the best!

Nessmuk said...

Verizon provides great service up here in the Dacks!! They certainly picked a winner supporting SPK!! Congrats to both parties!!

Lourdes, VT said...

Even huge communications companies, like Verizon, recognizes the quality of your kennel, your dedication to the sport and the joy that you take in communicating, both, your day to day kennel happenings and your adventures during the races!!!
Goes to show they know what they are doing when they sponsored SPK!!!
Congratulations to SPK and to Verizon!!!

marilyn cozzens said...

Great news. Verizon has great coverage. It was also great in Alaska this summer. They know how to pick a winner in SPK.

Mel Bowman said...

Cool! Also...which cases did they get? Plenty of us could use a good one.

Gaye Morgan-Walton said...

Oh wow! Well, Verizon has had me as a customer for quite a while and I reckon I will be staying. This is fabulous!

Nathalie Bagadey said...

I like the fact that the contract was signed in a cozy atmosphere, among coffee mugs. :)

Steve Laine said...

Congrats! Show Beemer the money $$$$$!!

The Laine's
Verizon customers