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Sunday, January 11, 2015

CB300: Run Times To Sourdough

With the speediest teams now all in Sourdough, it's time to give you an update!

Allen's SP Kennel Black Team remains the fastest on the course, picking up a few more minutes on speedy Ryne Olson. Aliy remains very competitive, moving up one line in the lowest cumulative run time category to fifth place.

Sourdough is about the halfway mark, with two long stints to go. Now is when we'll start to see the results of training, attitude and appetite: How well have the dogs been conditioned? How strong is their drive to the finish? Will the dogs eat enough to keep fuel in their tanks? As usual, this is when the CB300 gets very exciting!

Everything has gone exactly to plan so far for the SPK teams, but you just never know what's going to happen on a race trail... Go SPK!


Mary Lynn Roush said...

Keep up the awesome job SPK! Allen, Aliy, Mac, Moira, and ALL the dogs!

A-town's Becky said...

Kudos to Junior, Scruggs, Waylon, Boondocks, Clyde, Chemo, Mismo, Mac, Outlaw, Biscuit, Pepe, and Aliy for all the time they gained on Wade and Sebastian. Less than 10 minutes behind Nic and Ray????
Who knows?
What an impressive showing for SPK so far.
Keep telling them "what's up" Scooter, it seems the Black team is doing everything right.

Anonymous said...

Awesome performances by SP Kennal Teams, and yes, now the training means everything!!!

Thanks Macgellan for the awesome refresher course for scoring at the CB300 (310 this year).

Go Red!!! Go Black!!! Go R&B!!!


marilyn cozzens said...

Fantastic showing by SPK. And Spencer keep special care of the mainly yearling team. Go SPK, you are the best.

Lourdes, VT said...

Awesome performance by all the athletes on all three SPK teams. Yes, all the training and planning is paying up now!!! The dogs must be having a blast!!!