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Monday, January 12, 2015

CB300: Heading Down The Highway To The Finish

With just 17 miles to go, Allen has a 3 mile lead over Ray Redington with Ryne Olson only a mile behind him. Allen has just turned south down the highway, so you can be sure the dogs know they are heading to the finish line. Hot meals, soft beds and lots of pats await them. This is a very close finish... Go SPK!


A-town's Becky said...

Awesome recap Macgellan!
Go SPK!!!
You're fantastic :-)

Ruth said...

GO SP!!! Refresh rate driving me crazy.

Margaret said...

Thanks Macgellan - time for me to put on by Black Team cap, ready to reverse it into rally cap position!!!

Anonymous said...

What is up with Ryne's tracker?

Anonymous said...

Aliy just passed #5 and battles with her team Ryne ! Super Fast! Ray still has some distance to keep closing in on Allen. Sprinting. Hold up, pups! SPK Go!!!

Nessmuk said...

Yeah!! Go SPK and Ryne too!! I love an exciting finish!!

Anonymous said...

Allen thank you for not putting aluminum over your GPS tracker like Ray R. and Ryne O.
Just kidding, but really, come on, NOW?!!!

Lisa B said...

Cool - they put up a live feed of the finish - I'm watching Bridget, Ray and Moira on camera now! Wish they would wave to us! Go Allen! Go Dogs!

Anonymous said...

Watch out , Allen! Ray probably can see you now.
Get around that corner, dogs , just a little further ! Zoooooooom.
Go, Allez Hopp!
from Ingabritt

A-town's Becky said...

This is CRAZY close!!!!
Hang on Allen.

Anonymous said...

Ray passed?

A-town's Becky said...

Lisa B.
Thanks for the heads up about the live feed video.
I missed Allen and Ray, but I caught Ryne and Nic.
Nic said he'll be thinking about his math problem for a year, and asked about what time Allen came in.
Awesome SPK team did the math right, woohoo!
Can hardly wait to watch Aliy come in.