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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Play Every Day

The Alaska Play Every Day campaign shared its new school lesson plan on sugary drinks during a health seminar at Two Rivers Elementary School on Monday. It included a demonstration of sugar content in popular sugary drinks, along with a discussion of how sugary drinks affect a child’s health. This is a lesson plan that was also distributed to the approximately 170 Alaska schools that participate in the Healthy Futures Physical Activity Challenge.

Aliy brought Beemer as well as SP K retiree, Stormy, to the seminar. She talked about choosing water as the healthiest drink for her and her dogs. The seminar ended with a "mushing wardrobe" relay. The kids had to put on a fur mushing hat, a pair of goggles and beaver mitts then run through orange cones to the finish line. There they had to drink a glass of water then 'high five' their team mate before he or she could run the course. Both teams -- first and second place -- got awards. The awards were dog biscuits that were given to Beemer and Stormy.

Ann talks about sugar in soda and sports drinks. Aliy shows the kids her "secret" water thermos.

Play Every Day started three years ago to raise awareness about the health concerns of childhood obesity and to inspire Alaska children and their families to be physically active and choose healthy foods and drinks. About one out of three Alaska children is overweight or obese.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for keeping us up to date on SP Kennel involvement in education!!!

Such a worthy cause - the kids are our future.

Beemer looks most attentive!!!



Barb, CO said...

Play Every Day is a great motto for all of us! What a great activity.

marilyn cozzens said...

What a cool way to get the kids interested in healthy activities & healthy foods. Beemer is asking for a sip of water Aliy. The "mushing wardrobe relay" sounds like a great activity. Thanks Aliy, Beemer, & Stormy for promoting play every day.

Nessmuk said...

Beemer is saying "sugar in water...but why...it's great just straight up watery!!" Love your famous special thermos....drinking more water and getting out to MOVE is a great race strategy as well as great advice to kids!!