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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Mac in for Surgery

Mac is a superstar here at SP Kennel. He is a 5 year old main player and was on the Yukon Quest 2014 Championship team as well as the 2013 and 2014 Iditarod Red Teams. He is a fantastic dog with a super personality.

Mac is our biggest dog - by far - and weighed in for the 2014 Iditarod at just over 70 pounds. His big frame is an anomaly in the SP Kennel dog yard. But Mac is also a 'little different' because he is a pensive and thoughtful dog. He has the physical ability to bowl over any human or dog standing in the way and he can pull a freight train from standstill. But, when a person walks up to greet him he is always calm, cool and collected.

It's hard not to really like this big guy.

Mac was diagnosed with a torn salivary gland. The only permanent solution to this condition is a challenging surgery to remove the entire gland. We are fortunate to have a group of skilled veterinarians near SP Kennel at North Pole Veterinary Hospital. Aliy has known owners, Dr. Denali Lovely and her husband, Pat Lovely, for over 20 years. Their combined commitment and the commitment of the entire staff is evident at the hospital. Pat is currently redesigning and upgrading the entire 40 year old facility with pet friendly exam rooms, a nifty new patient waiting area and overall 'facelift'. It is very exciting to have a great clinic just 'around the corner'.

After several consults, Mac was scheduled for surgery last Thursday. Dr. Dawn Brown said the procedure was a challenge but was successful. Mac is recuperating at home and will need several weeks before he begins free running and even more until he returns to harness. The prognosis is for Mac to be at 'full strength' before the racing season begins.

Our Hospital 'around the corner'; Dr. Dawn Brown and Crystal after Mac's surgery; Great new 'pet friendly' hospital door.

Mac seems no worse for wear and has been showered with get well cards and well wishings. His favorite thus far has been a post-op "Get Well Soon" from his long-time buddy and sponsor, Macgellan!

Mac rides home in a drug induced stupor. He can not wear a collar so the pink leash was supposed to keep him "contained".


Anonymous said...

Mac - I'm glad you are on the mend and wish you a speedy recovery!


P.S. I think you look better with a red leash than a pink one.

Melissa Krahmer said...

Aww, get well soon, Mac - the team needs your handsome strong self.

Anonymous said...

Oh Mac Daddy, get well soon and completely. Your buddies in the yard will miss you as will the team. Everyone looks up to you! You are a terrific ambassador for a calm and cool Big Boy. Thanks to the great vet team that takes good care of the SP Kennel 4 leggers.
Padee Mac in Santa Rosa Ca

Anonymous said...

Congratulation to Mac on being so very brave and stoic - a patient patient!!!

Groggy post op Mac pic, shows he's still a power player!!! Woof!!!

P.S. And best to his sponsor Macgellan

marilyn cozzens said...

Mac, get well quickly. You are such a wonderful dog and are needed in the Yukon Quest & Iditarod teams. I remember what a majestic pose you struck this summer. Thanks to the crew at North Pole Veterinary Hospital for a great job on the surgery. Get back to your normal big dog self as soon as possible.

Lidia Dale-Mesaros said...

Sending lots of healing and hugs to big boy, Mac Daddy. Really hoping he will be back to his lovely, big self soon. Lidia

Anonymous said...

I was one of the 2013 Quest volunteers who helped get your team to the chute. I was positioned right beside Mac and Boris. Really nice dogs. They were ready to go.

Holly Freeman said...

Mac, aka George Clooney look alike, Sissy sends her love. Glad you are the up-tick after your surgery. Thinking of you!

Nessmuk said...

Healing thoughts to Mac Daddy from your fans here in the Adirondacks! We find solace in knowing SPK has awesome vets "in the neighbourhood" for such challenging surgeries!

Chilly Fairbanks said...

If the other mushing 'Mac' that had a salivary gland removed is any indication, you'll be back in stride in no time, boy!
Soak up the rest.

Cal OSME said...

Tobi sends get well wishes from Erie PA. She was at near-death last year and knows how crucial a great health care team is. Best wishes for a speedy recovery!

Lisa, Charlene &!Tobi

Gaye Morgan-Walton said...

Lottsa get well wishes for Mac to be up and running again soon!

Gaye and the NM Ginger-Girl

Linda Toth said...

Hey Big Guy

I am very glad, sincerely grateful, that it was not more serious. I always think of you as the Rock of Gibraltor on the team - like when you put everything into pulling the sled up out of Safety.

Aliy always said your Pop could pull a person by himself, so it always reassures me that you are on Allen's or Aliy's team.

A-town's Becky said...

Ditto to all the well wishes.
We want you recovered and enjoying your kibble like A-game Mac!

Margaret said...

Wow! Research helps understand things!

Using the SPK search function at the top of the page shows...it is appropriate to do the following:

Send along best wishes to the sponsors of Mac's Daddy!

And here's hoping Mac's Mommy, Chica, gives him extra love and a lick or two during recovery!

Altho' she's busy helping out her second litter, THE FAB FIVE...)

Anonymous said...

Big Mac looks like he prefers the back of the dog truck and his own cubbie. Hope he's a fast healer, don't want him behind in training. Get well soon.7

Anonymous said...

I love Mac Daddy and hope he is back in harness soon!! Can't wait to see him in Witehorse!

Anonymous said...

If Mac cannot wear a collar, then he can't be in the dog yard, right? So is he in the dog barn or in the "big people house"?

Anonymous said...

We are all thinking of you Mac! You were a great patient here at NPVH. Cool, calm and collected - just like your Mom described you! We look forward to seeing you back in harness and doing what you love, handsome boy!
Tail Wags to You,
North Pole Veterinary Hospital