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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Where are they now?

A few SP Kennel dogs have retired from racing with us. When we look for homes for our dogs they have to be "forever" homes and they have to promise to spoil our dogs rotten. I think Jeanne in Oregon has kept up her end of the bargain. But just check out these recent photos of Boris and Honda and see what you think.

Boris runs thru the irrigated farm field; Posing for the camera

Honda LOVES to roll in Horse manure.

Honda running to the house after his horse manure excursion; Jumping thru the juniper.


Nessmuk said...

Looks like a GREAT place for a Sled Dog to retire!! Thanks Jeanne for offering up such a fun place for them to romp....manure and all!

Margaret said...

Thanks so much for the news!

Not only is SP Kennel a great racing, breeding and training "university" for sled dogs, but it provides retirement planning, too!!!

So Honda and Boris chose an early retirement package! They earned it! And they can collect on it even as they pursue other professions!

Honda, in particular, played a major role in the maturation of the Latino litter last season.

And now he is preparing for a new but different racing career, perhaps?

marilyn cozzens said...

What a great place to retire. Honda & Boris look like very satisfied retirees. Thanks Jeanne for providing such wonderful retirement "digs"for the boys! Thanks for the post & update, Aliy.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Aliy and Allen. These pictures of Boris and Honda are priceless...

Frances (Boris sponsor).

Linda Toth said...

I am torn. On the one hand, I am really happy to see these worthy animals being given comfort and space to roam as they move into the next stage of their lives. For myself, I always miss the faces of the retirees when I come out.

But then, again, I see that jump and happy smile on Honda's face and how can I begrudge him his new life?

Rainy Fairbanks said...

I love the retirement updates! Dogs always set the best example.