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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Time to Move the Harnesses

Is your clock ticking?

Our clock is ticking!

September 1st is the first day that SP Kennel dogs train in harness.

Our harness rack has been empty throughout the summer. But… it's time to move the harnesses. Thanks to Howling Dog Alaska for providing us with fantastic harnesses for our dogs. Our system is a little bit different than your traditional set up. But, we love it. And better yet… our dogs LOVE it. I think we'll stick with it!

Here is an older post to our harness system: HARNESSES

An Empty Harness Rack; Harnesses still hang indoors


silvia furtwängler said...

I use also LD Harnesses. I have one question, how long is the gang line? (segment), I by one here in Europe but I think mine is too long.

Nessmuk said...

Awesome.....it's time for some training! Can't wait to see everyone back in harness and doing what they do best....run, pull and have FUN!! The racing season is RIGHT around the corner....tick tock!!

Lourdes, VT said...

How very exciting!! Time just flies, doesn't it??? The harnesses look awesome and the dogs are going to look awesome in them. Well, the dogs look awesome no matter what 😃🐾
Can't wait to your training posts!!! Sending lots of love and good wishes your way!!!

Anonymous said...

Woof, woof!!!

And I'll bet the dogs know what comes next once they see the harnesses back on the racks!

Thanks so much for the harness review video!


marilyn cozzens said...

I am so excited---3 days for the dogs to get in harness! After seeing other harness set ups this summer yours is the best. Which are the first dogs out? Looking forward to some videos/pictures, Thanks for the post.

Aliy Zirkle said...

Silvia - There is 7 feet in-between dog tug lines. There is 42 inches from the bridle on the ATV or sled to the first tug line.
Our tug lines short. It is only 15 inches from the "d" ring on the harness to the connection at the mainline.

Rainy Fairbanks said...

Awesome Labor Day!

Anonymous said...

Is this Scruggs (scan down the page)?


Aliy Zirkle said...

Olivia is the Super Model on the Iditarod page.