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Saturday, August 9, 2014

Aliy Radio Interview

Aliy was asked to stop by a Fairbanks radio station to do a few commercials for a local business: Cold Spot ~ For Healthy Pets. Cold Spot helps coordinate the transportation of SP's Eagle Pack dog food shipment from the manufacturing plant in Indiana all the way up to Fairbanks, Alaska. Which is no small feat!

In addition, Aliy and Allen find themselves in Cold Spot almost weekly to buy things like: dog collars, medications, airline crates, dog beds, cedar shavings, sled parts, snaps, runner plastic… the list is really endless!

While Aliy was at the radio station, talk show host, Charile O'Toole, asked if she would do a brief on-air interview. Of course, never turning down a opportunity to talk about her passion, Aliy said "Sure!" So, if you have an extra 20 minutes, here is Charlie O'Toole's interview with Aliy:


Anonymous said...

Wow!!! A GREAT interview!!!

Thanks so very much! Loved the part about Quito "putting her nose down" to follow the trail...awesome.

What a wonderful surprise!



Nessmuk said...

Thank you for the BEST 20 minutes of my day!! This was an awesome interview....SO glad you fell "in love with the land" back in the day and came to know and appreciate Alaska for all it can offer!! Things happen for a reason and you are living "your reason".....AJ, Fats and Pedro.....glad you got your "heads together" and made what you made today! And a shout out to Quito....thanks for bringing the Team into Safety...GOOD GIRL!! And to SPK...Thanks for sharing this MORE THAN AWESOME interview!!

Anonymous said...

couldnt agree more with the above comments and the interview coulda gone on for hours. love our SP Kennel. is it October yet?
padee Santa Rosa CA

Barb, CO said...

My hero. Always an inspiration. Thank you for always being exactly who you are, authentic, genuine Aliy. "I'm soft on dogs" and we are so glad! and little dog Quito. Brava. Brava.

Becky said...

Enjoyed the interview. Wish I could hear more! Also want to thank you for the blog.

marilyn cozzens said...

What a wonderful interview. Dittos to above comments. I could listen for hours. Thanks so much, Aliy for being such a genuine, caring person. Am glad Fats, Pedro, AJ, & you put your heads together to create such an awesome SPK. Bless Quito for getting you all into Safety. Thanks so much.