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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Spicy - Life in New Zealand

Woof. Hi. Kia ora.

I’m settling in nicely and am enjoying my new life in small town Taranaki, New Zealand. My new BFF is Lexie, an 11 year old Gordon Setter and we hang out together during the day. I’m getting to know the new human members of my family but I’ve always been a bit shy of new people. I’m becoming more and more comfortable each day.

Every morning I get to go for a run at the nearby sports ground. I run with Lexie, chase the birds and catch up with all the new messages from the other dogs that walk there. Sometimes I even steal Lexie’s tennis ball.

After our run we head home for breakfast then my day is spent poking around the back yard, chewing on my bone or resting in my bed. Sometimes I get to go for a drive in the car to town or to visit friends. Then late afternoon sees a second run over at the sports ground followed by dinner and bed. I like my routine.

Although it is winter I haven’t seen snow on the ground here. In other parts of New Zealand it has been snowing but here where I live it doesn’t often get cold enough. There is a mountain nearby and it snows up there and we might take a road trip sometime soon to go find some.

Moira sometimes works from home and this is her home office. Notice Lexie has stolen her “office chair”.

I do sometimes miss all my friends back in Two Rivers but I love my new life here!


Cliff Michel & Family said...

Great to hear from Spicy via Moira!

babs said...

Hi Moira!
Glad you & Spicy are doing well!
~Barbara Boucher

Nessmuk said...

Hello Moira and Spicy!! Glad to hear all is well over yonder!! Sounds like you have a great routine and your "down time" looks very relaxing! Hope you do find some snow soon!! It will be fun looking for it I bet!! Enjoy your new surroundings.....it sounds wonderful!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Moira and Spicy.Good on ya!
love the post!
padee Santa Rosa CA

marilyn cozzens said...

Great to hear from you Spicy( & Moira). What a great life and routine you have. What fun you are having. Keep having fun.

Anonymous said...

I am so glad to know that Spicy is enjoying herself in her new home, and has a new best 4-legged friend - woof!!!

Thanks so much, sincerely,


Lourdes, VT said...

Hi Moira and Spicy, it's great to hear from the two of you :)
Spicy, you look really happy in the pictures, running, hanging out with Lexi and Moira, and 'surfing the web' on Moira's computer!!!
Good girl Spicy!
Thank you for the update Moira!

Dennis Nielsen-Wisconsin said...

What a great post. THANK YOU Moira and SPK for taking care of a fantastic athlete and friend! I love it!

Anonymous said...

Is Spicy waiting, hitting "refresh" every few hours, hoping to see the most recent pix of Cayenne and Champ?

Linda Toth said...

Beautiful - and so good to hear from you and of you both.