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Sunday, March 30, 2014

PDW: Finishers' Banquet and Prizegiving

Congratulations to Meghan for taking out the Rookie of the Year AND the Vet Care Award at the Percy prizegiving last night.

We're really delighted for Meghan for winning both of those awards; she should be really proud of herself. The Vet Care Award is something mushers strive for and although WE know she always takes such great care of all the dogs, it is fantastic for it to be publicly recognised. Well done lady!

Meghan, Josh and the team are on their way back from Dawson now and we'll see them sometime later this evening.

L-R: Meghan wins 5th Prize; Meghan, Joanna Jagow (7th) and Amanda Gecas (6th)

L-R: Meghan receives Rookie of the Year award (a handmade anorak with fur ruff); and the Vet Care Award (a gold nugget from Joe and Wendy Fellers and a plaque)

L-R: The "serious" leaders pic with Scruggs and Viper; the out-take


Anonymous said...

Congratulations all around! Not at all surprising to have the extended SP Family get recognized for great dog care. That's why you have so many fans! Fantastic cap to a wonderful season.

Anonymous said...

Oh how excellent! well deserved Meghan! You are truly on your way forward working toward your dreams! you rocked it this yr for SP Kennel and the doggies. Thanks and congratulations All!
Padee Santa Rosa, CA

Nessmuk said...

Very cool Meghan.....you should be proud....I know us SPK Fans are extremely proud of you and your Team! Congrats!!

Anonymous said...

Great job Meghan and team. Viper is not much into media day activities.
- Bill from the valley of the great
Ohio River -

Anonymous said...

Ditto to all comments above!!!

The outtake was so very dear.well deserved kiss for Scruggs, who was up front, I think, the whole time!!!

The purple anorak with fur was a nice gift - I looked it up:


Anonymous said...

That a way Scruggs, sneak a kiss while she's close.

No kidding, "Rookie of the Year!"
Meghan almost overtook the 2007 2nd place, 2009 3rd place finisher. The only others in front of her at the finish had multiple finishes in 1st and/or 2nd place.
I believe any year but 2003, Meghan's run time would have been fast enough for first place.

Lisa B said...

Fantastic! Great job Meghan, very nice prizes. Vet award speaks well of the love and care you shower on the SPK athletes. The purple of the anorak is gorgeous, just tell Aliy to pretend it's red or black....

Margaret said...

RE: Color of prize...

I'd call the color RED VIOLET - so it is an outfit to wear when mushing for the RED TEAM which includes FIRE litter's...VIOLET!!!

Anonymous said...

Excellent job Meghan! Very well deserved awards! You are a 'natural' at mushing. ... what's next?... the Quest or the Iditarod? :) :) :) Or both??

Congratulations Red and Blacks! You guys rocked this season!

marilyn cozzens said...

Very well deserved congrats to Meghan and SPK rock stars. Scruggs stealing a kiss is a precious picture. Great awards, Meghan & great races this year. We are proud of your accomplishments.

Holly Freeman said...

Meghan way to go!! Applause for you and your fine furry running crew.
The rookie of the year will be styling with her new purple anorak....and how about that nugget of gold? :) So great that it was for taking good care of the dogs.

Leanna said...

Sweet! Nice job Meghan. I'm finally getting a chance to catch up on the SP Kennel activities. We've been busy with the Oso Landslide and all it's ramifications for friends, staff, patients and so on. Nice to take a breather and have some happy moments. Can't help but smile at the wonderful pictures of the dogs and SP Kennel family. THANK YOU!

Lourdes, VT said...

Hi Meghan, For some reason I did not put my name on my message.
It is the anonymous one from March 31st at 8:46 AM.
Congratulations to you and the Red and Blacks!