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Monday, March 10, 2014

ID: Sunday Night Update

It was a day of movement for the dogs and mushers of SP Kennel. Aliy and the Red Team have arrived in Elim.  She averaged 7.9 mph on her run from Koyuk, arriving 20 minutes behind Jeff King. Jeff King moved into the lead leaving Koyuk and is moving just a bit faster at 8 mph. Dallas Seavy has passed Martin Buser and is running in third position about 15 miles from Elim. 

Bridgett, who arrived in Nome yesterday, was able to fly out to Koyuk today. She caught a glimps of Aliy as she was preparing to leave. Bridgett said that Aliy was in "top racing form" and that the dogs looked great!  Both Bridgett and Sebastian commented on the difficult exits from the checkpoint for both Aliy and King.  A sharp turn onto the trail from the main road was very difficult to make do to extremely ice conditions. The momentum of the sleds and dogs wanted to keep the teams on the downward sloping road. 

The trail conditions on the coast continue to be poor, with bare ground and glare ice the norm. Pictures of Aliy show her in her high wind position, crouched down on the runners below the handle bar.  This reduces the sled's surface area and makes for a more aerodynamic ride. Aliy has left her sled's seat behind, probably in Unalakleet. Again, this makes the sled less of a sail and also makes it more maneuverable for the rough trail. 

The Black Team is approaching Unalakleet, about 35 miles out. Allen and his 12 four-footed companions are averaging 7.8 mph, steadily eating up the trail.

Moira is working on photos from Koyuk as well as video from Unalakleet. She will get them up as soon as she is able. I am off to Nome tomorrow, so she will be picking the Dog Log back up for Aliy's final run into Nome. 


Anonymous said...

48 miles
5 hours 56 minutes

8.08988 miles per hour

A-town's Becky said...

Thanks for the update Kaz.
Have a safe trip to Nome and a super reunion with sis,
Supreme Aliy 2014.

Go Black team, woop woop.

Looking forward to Moira's pictures, woohoo.

Especially great to hear that Aliy is in top form, ready for that trek to White Mountain.

Rest well in Elim Red team, and then tear up that trail to White Mountain. You are certainly making this years Iditarod one of the most memorable in history.

Nessmuk said...

This is a real nail biter for sure! I got to work today, but I ALWAYS take the day off from work to watch the top ten file into Nome! Go Aliy and the Red Team.....we are SO very proud of you!!!

marilyn cozzens said...

Thanks Kaz for the update. Safe travels to Nome. Go Aliy, be safe & swift!

Anonymous said...

thanks for the update.....good luck...safe trails....