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Monday, March 3, 2014

ID: Monday Evening Update

It's 9.00pm Alaska Time.

Aliy and the Red Team left Rohn at 5.22pm and are currently sitting in second position. This early in the race and before anyone has taken their 24 hour mandatory rest it really is too early for that to mean anything too significant. It just means everyone is running their own race and her schedule happens to put her in the front two at this point in time. Basically, what I am saying is - there is still over 780 miles to go and anything can happen!

We watched an Iditarod Insider video of the team leaving Rainy Pass earlier this afternoon looking great. We saw Olivia getting a belly scratch as she was bootied and an adoring look on Clyde's face as Aliy tended to him. The dogs all looked sleepy lounging in the sun until they were lined up ready to go and they were lunging on the line. It looks to us like she has moved Waylon back to run with Scruggs and Quito is running in single lead.

The run from Rohn to Nikolai includes "landmarks" such as the Buffalo Chutes and the Farewell Burn. The Buffalo Chutes are so named because a local herd of several hundred wild bison that wanders through the area and grazes in some of the small pothole marshes and lakes in the woods. The Burn was the site of one of Alaska's largest forest fires, a million and a half acres in the summer of 1977. In this Anchorage Daily News article is a fantastic picture of Martin Buser's team crossing the Farewell Burn - there is not a scrap of snow on the ground!

Allen and the Black Team are on their way to Rohn after a 4 hour 47 rest in the sun at Rainy Pass. Resting in the sun is great for the dogs because they can stretch out and really relax all their muscles. We haven't seen any pictures or videos of the team yet, we hope to soon!

We've just watched a weather forecast and it calls for widespread persistent light snow tomorrow and overnight temperatures around -8F.

UPDATE: Scout is very happy. He's just eaten a big dinner, had a walk around the nearby park and is now sleeping in a big straw bed in the truck. Thank you to all the volunteers who looked after him and to Dr Lee Morgan, a volunteer vet from Washington D.C. who is using up a week of his vacation time to be here and worked with Aliy and Scout in Skwentna.

Dana, one of the Iditarod Dog Dog Volunteers with Scout at the Millennium; Meghan and Scout


Phillips said...

Thank you so much for the update, I am having trouble with the tracker too, wish I could find Aliy right now (she has disappeared off my screen).

Bonnie said...

Good work red team.....

Nessmuk said...

Not a flake of snow in the burn....that always amazes me when I see those pictures! I wish I could send some Adirondack snow to the burn to make the traveling easier! I have been watching the race through the night....it's early yes....but always a thrill to see her up in the mix! I'm happy the Dallzell Gorge is behind them and the Alaskan Range in general....now on to the interior! Go Red and Black Teams!! Glad to hear Scout is feeling better and getting some TLC. Makes me wanna be a Dropped Dog Volunteer!

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much for the update...we are of course watching very closely! Go Aliy Go!

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for this report on Scout, complete with lovely pictures.

Here is a picture of Scout in last year's Iditarod in the bitter cold, asking Biscuit about Olivia's undergarment and why he can't have one "Porque" and Biscuit's replay "No es macho"...

Lourdes, VT said...

Ohhhhhhhhhh, I'm so glad Scout is back home and being loved and pampered! He's soaking up Meghan's
love and attention! Rest well beautiful Scout!
Interesting race so far!!! Go Aliy and Allen and pups!
Safe and fun travels!

Anonymous said...

Yes, taking in to account start positions there are a few who have a lead over Aliy. For example Martin 5 hours ahead of Aliy leaving Rohn. However, Martin was 10 hours ahead of Aliy arriving at Rohn last year, and finished the race 12 hours behind Aliy.
I think the most curious one is Kelly Maxner, out of Rohn 6 hours ahead of Aliy. However, last year he finished over a day behind Aliy. He arrived at one of the early check points carrying four non injured dogs on his sled. Interesting, he said it was strategy.
LOL, who knows how many mushers will be hauling dogs in their sleds next year?

Aliy and her team have endurance, and I believe she knows how to run them and take care of them better than any other musher out on that trail.
I'm just hoping her leg is OK after her spill in the creek.
Hoping to see her arrive in Nikolai within a couple hours!

marilyn cozzens said...

Thanks for the pictures of Scout. SPK crew totally love all the dogs. It is shaping up to be an interesting & exciting race. Go Aliy & Red team. Allen & Black team keep mushing down the trail. Or is it up the trail? Go SPK!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the pictures of Scout with Meghan's big hug. I'm so glad he's alright. I've worried about him all the way back to Nashville. I know he's disappointed to not be helping Aliy and his team mates race up the trail. Now like us, I know he's cheering them on. Go SPK!
Ann Shillington