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Monday, March 10, 2014

ID: Koyuk Photos

Bridgett (Allen’s daughter) got an opportunity to fly to Koyuk on Sunday and arrived just in time to see Aliy and her team mates leave for the run towards Elim. She was able to fly over the trail and got these fantastic shots!

The team lines up ready to leave

Leaving town

The team from the air

King and Aliy run within sight of each other


Anonymous said...

Wonderful photos, thank you, Bridgett!

Anonymous said...

Great team effort Aliy. Go your doing great Champ! Ron In AZ ragodfrey@yahoo.com. Great pictures, Thanks.

A-town's Sleep deprived Becky said...

Thank you for the wonderful pictures Bridgett.

Bad math earlier, and I'm glad. I have to coach today, and there is no way I want to miss the finish.

Keep on pushing to your rest in White Mountain Red team.
You're doing awesome! Good dawgs!

Holly Freeman said...

Thank you for the pics Bridgett.
You are almost there RED team. What a blistering race you have run! Sending love and encouragement as you continue this amazing race.

Lisa B said...

Thank you Bridgett for getting the shots and thank you DogLog crew for posting them in the middle of everything else you've got going on (i.e. obsessively watching the tracker!). Go Red!

tmcaleer said...

Another nail biter year, go Aliy, go dawgs, goooo!

You are amazing and are doing such a great job!

Best, Trish McAleer

tmcaleer said...

Allen, you are doing such a great job as well, taking the pups and training the next group. What a great team you and Aliy make with your back up team at SP Kennels!

Best, Trish McAleer

A-town's Becky said...

Wow, Allen and the Black in to Unalakleet over an hour ago.

Anonymous said...

TMCALEER said it best - what a team!!!

And that's just a cheer for the mushers!!!

Beautiful dogs doing there best - so proud of every one of them!!!

P.S. And the best of most informative news of the race is here, too!

Anonymous said...

Alyi GO, RUN, FLY !!!

Lourdes, VT said...

Beautiful shots Bridgett!!! Thank you so much!

Aliy and her dogs look awesome on that very difficult trail!

They are all champions!

Anonymous said...

You may be thinking of Iditarod 2014, if you think...

dogs should wear cleats.
sleds should have wheels and bumpers.
mushers should wear football gear.
it's heart pounding excitement.
Aliy is amazing.

Never mind the last part, Aliy is always amazing.

Anonymous said...

The Black team better high tail it to Shaktoolik, so Allen can watch Aliy finish.

A-town's Becky said...

Aliy vs. Aliy update…

Aliy 2014 has arrived at White Mountain check point, and she did, in near

16 ½ hours less than Aliy 2012!

I’m still sleep deprived; however I believe it’s closer than my estimation for travel from Koyuk to Nome, which neglected to include the trip from White Mountain to Nome. Ha ha, but it was a decent estimate of when she would be leaving White Mountain.

Libby the Lab said...

Thanks to everyone at SP for all the updates and pictures!

Terri said...

Amazing photos!! You can do it Red Team!!!!

marilyn cozzens said...

Thanks, Bridgett for the awesome pictures. Keep to your plan Aliy, I believe it will get you to Nome first. What a nail biting race. Go SPK.

Carole said...

Thanks for all the posts. Love you all! Kudos for a wonderful experience. Carole

MG said...

THANK YOU for sharing the photos.