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Friday, February 28, 2014

ID: Meet and Greet

Earlier this evening several hundred people came to the Clarion Suites to meet and greet Aliy, Allen and the rest of the team. We heard stories from the trail including the time Aliy had to fashion mukluks 50 miles from Nome from her brand new pants and dog jackets and the time Allen had to carry each member of his team individually up Eagle Summit in his first Yukon Quest.

L-R: Aliy talks about leggings and jackets; Allen describes Eagle Summit.

They spoke about their sleds and the mandatory gear they have to carry for the Iditarod and explained some of the equipment the dogs wear out on the trail including jackets, booties and leggings. Everyone then got to meet Quito, Mac, Ranger and Honda. I'm sure those that were there won't mind me saying but there was an audible gasp of admiration as Quito was introduced. She really is a special dog.

Thank you to Clarion Suites for hosting the event and to all those who came out tonight.


Nessmuk said...

Happy IditaDay Everyone! Sounds like the meet and greet was a huge success and very well attended!! Wish we could have been there...thanks for the pics....wow....Eagle Summit is quite steep by the looks of Allen's demonstration! May the fun continue today.....then tomorrow we race!

Anonymous said...

Thanks so very much for these pictures and your excellent description of the meet and greet at Clarion Suites!

And a special hello to Ranger (Danger!), Honda and Mac and congratulations for sharing the stage with Poquita!


Margaret said...

SP Kennel is the best in any number of ways...

Thanks in advance for sending along pix and video of the Ceremonial Start!

P.S. I'd prefer to read SP Kennnel's interpretation of the data rather than an official "expert" who can't get away from a fixation on big, male dogs who trot.

Tiffany Borges said...

We enjoyed this annual hidden treasure for the 5th time and are keeping all of you at the forefront of our minds & hearts --- thanks for treating the kids like royalty. You guys are badass. ;) big thanks to the hotel and staff for such a joyous evening. Safe travels, Aliy and team! I love Allen's accent. These things are exotic to Alaskan girls. Serious inspiration --- I await the first book your family publishes.

marilyn cozzens said...

I wish I could have been there. Some day soon I hope. Thanks for sharing, what a neat way to connect with your fans! Best of luck & happy trails.