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Thursday, February 27, 2014

ID: Home (Away From Home)

The rest of the team, human and canine, arrived in Anchorage this afternoon after a uneventful drive down the Parks Highway.

Scenic stop on the Parks Highway

Once they got to the Clarion Suites we gave the dogs a meal, a walk around the parking lot to orientate themselves and they even had a "we're here!!!" howl (the dogs, not the humans).

One of our favourite parts is to see long-time dog sponsors meet their dogs! This afternoon Neil and Charlotte Frick met their Pud and Ann Shillington got to meet Scout. Thanks Neil, Charlotte, Ann and all our dog sponsors for supporting our athletes! We really appreciate you.

Neil and Charlotte meet Pud, Ann meets Scout


Nessmuk said...

That is SO awesome Neil, Charlotte and Ann got to meet their Sponsor Dogs!! Great pictures....thank you! Always good to hear everyone made it to the "big dance" safely!! Now on to the festivities! Good luck on the Bib Draw everyone!

Anonymous said...

Fantastic looking team, fantastic pictures of awesome sponsors, and that fantastic SKP truck. Looking great!!!

Anonymous said...

Quito, Chica, Nacha...Olivia, Scout, Beemer...Biscuit...Scrugs, Boondocks...Schmoe...MAC...Clyde...Sissy?...Rambler? ...Willie? ...Nelson? ...Chemo? ...Mismo? ...Pud? ...Izzy? ...Scooter? ........................
OMG, my head is spinning!
So difficult, with so many ROCK STARS!!!

A-twon's Becky said...

Aliy #10 and Allen #19
We're rooting for you, and shall be glued to you're trackers!
Have a blast out there on the trails!

Anonymous said...

Check out the extra sleds atop to trucks!!!

Planning ahead!!!

Great idea!

Holly Freeman said...

Made my signs to put around the house. Maps posted! Start your engines....travel swift,safe.

marilyn cozzens said...

Great looking dogs & the great new truck. Great job SPK crew bringing the athletes to Anchorage. What a thrill for Neil, Charlotte & Ann. Someday I hope to be in Anchorage for the Iditarod start. Go Aliy, Allen & SPK fantastic dogs.

Herb, Tonia, Sascha and Mia said...

From Katkreek in California
We are ready...and cheering for all of the SP Kennel Iditarod teams. "Big O", we love you...so, be steadfast and careful, and have a great race.
We will be with you in spirit!

Happy trails,
Tonia, Herb, Sascha and Amelia


Weird to have no snow on the streets eh Aliy??? It's a strange winter...but you will make it work for you. Your dogs look great! I just love driving home from Anchorage to Palmer and seeing all the sled dog trucks heading in with their doggy windows and sleds on top.

I wish you the very best this year!! I've always rooted for you and hope you do super this year!

Melissa said...

Was there an official team roster posted somewhere that I missed???

Willie said...

Go RED team!
Go Black team
From Owen Sound, Ontario
We have lots of snow, do you need some?