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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

CB300 - The Black Team Journey

A composite video of Allen and the Black Team's successful journey through the Copper Basin 300.


Linda Toth said...

I love watching the team's excitement while Quito and Scout hold steady until send off.

Anonymous said...

Great job Allen! no exaggeration, the TEAM looked great!
SP Rocks! thanks for the videos.
Padee Santa Rosa CA

Anonymous said...

Ditto - what leadership for Quito/Scout duo!!!

Marvelous team effort INCLUDING the support squad and especially the awesome website access to the race at SPK!!!

Also, great camera work, Moira!!!


Joyce said...

Awesome sport, awesome athletes including the musher. Awesome compilation of videos, and written info in other posts. Thank you so much!!

marilyn cozzens said...

Quito & Scout were great leaders all the way through the race. They came to the finish line looking very confident. Thanks for the video. Well done Allen & SP Kennel. Yukon Quest starts in 16 days. Go SP Kennel Allen & Aliy.