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Saturday, October 26, 2013

Fall Projects

Fall training is well underway here at SP Kennel. The dogs are finding their rhythms as we increase mileage, and the yearlings are settling into the routine of running with the big dogs. With fall training comes a growing list of fall projects! As I wandered around the dog yard after our runs this morning, fixing a broken chain here or a bent swivel there, I was reminded of just how much goes into keeping the kennel ship shape (or should I say, “sled shape”).

One of our big projects this week is to insulate the dog barn. With its indoor/outdoor pens, this provides a neat housing option for bringing dogs in on some of those 50-below days. Other projects include building dog houses (with 11 puppies growing fast, we’re going to need a FEW more houses!), putting the dog boxes back on the truck, strawing houses, and keeping the much-loved-but-much-abused ATVs maintained. This last task always make me look forward to getting on sleds, as an SPK dog team is much more reliable (and sweet) than any vehicle!

- Meghan

L-R: The dog barn, pre-door and pre-insulation, Olivia enjoys her fresh straw bed.

Allen cuts plywood for dog houses.


Margaret said...

Thanks for the update!

And "The Big O" still looks a bit weary after producing "The Magnificent Eleven" - not a movie, not a puppy pile, but a whole new TEAM (almost)!!!

Woof, woof!!!

Great to have the M&M Team ba ck for 2013-2014!!!

Indrek said...

Hey there!
Do you use any of those one plywood sheet doghouses or do you build " 5 stars sweets" to the dogs. The houses seem pretty big :)

Marilyn Cozzens said...

So many fall projects. It must be a never ending list. Olivia looks relaxed in her house. Are you building 11 new houses for each of the Fire litter puppies?

Lourdes, VT said...

You guys are always doing interesting and fun projects!!! Love the updates. Thanks Meghan!

Linda Toth said...

How is Allen handling the open roof? I have a similar situation with our detached garage and I am always thinking through what might be the easiest way to insulate the ceiling as well as block off cold air.