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Sunday, September 22, 2013

Fall Training with Mickey

Mickey is headed back to Florida soon. She enjoys seeing the dogs in action, so she jumped on the back of the ATV 4 wheeler a few days ago to join Aliy. She quizes Aliy about the dogs. So... listen up!

During Fall Training, obviously we can’t use a sled. There is no snow and probably won’t be for several weeks or a month. But, since we consider early training miles very important, we need to get out and train. Therefore we use an ATV 4 wheeler to simulate a sled.

The plus is that the dogs really don’t care... they just want to run and pull! The minus is that an ATV is loud.

We use the ATV with the motor running and in gear. Yes, the dogs could pull the 500 pound ATV down the trail, but they would actually pull it too fast. We are trying to establish base miles at 7 to 9 mph. If the dogs were left to their own desires they would lope down the trail at 14 mph. So, in order to keep the speed reduced and not cling to the brake  for the entire training run, we gear the ATV into a lower gear and let the engine slow the dogs. It’s like using a “Jake Brake” on a dog team.

So, on many of the videos you will hear the ATV engine purring in the background. We apologize for this, but imagine how our mushers feel! (VROOOOMMM!) Anyhow, at least they are out with the dogs!


Anonymous said...

great video! Thanks to Kennel Mom and Aliy. beautiful Fall colors. and who were the 2 brothers in back? Way to go yearlings!
Padee Santa Rosa, CA

Margaret said...

Well I guess the summer is really over!

Today is the official end, IIRC.

Thanks so much, Kennel Mom, for sharing your thoughts and observations of summer 2013 in Two Rivers, AK and the finer points at SP Kennel.

And thanks for the terrific interview with Aliy.

Woof, woof!!!

Badas Musher said...

AWESOmE! Love fall training.. kicking in full swing down here in NE Cali!!!!

Marilyn Cozzens said...

Thanks so much for such a great training run! Thanks for the update on the new dogs--Kodiak is such a big boy, he dwarfs Junior. Thanks so much kennel Mom for all your updates & posts this summer.

Marilyn Cozzens said...

Oh, I forgot---who are the two borthers in wheel? I did not catch their names. Thanks.

Linda Toth said...

Hooray! Puppet! Now explanation of Junior's effort to figure out what is going on for herself. Good to see Kodiak on the line. I knew that it was Biscuit on the elft, but was really curious about Wedgy running along by her papa so close - amazing he tolerated it. I missed who were Yang and Yang - Boris and Mac or Mismo and ?

Kennel Mom said...

Sorry. Guess we cut the video a bit short. The 2 brothers in wheel are Felix and Pepe. They are not only litter mates but also fast friends. Their houses are close together and they are often seen frolicking like little pups. But put them together in harness and they are all focused. Neat to see them in this video running behind dad, Biscuit, and sister, Wedgy. Wedgy is one year younger than her bros.

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for the I.D. on wheel dogs - I thought they looked like Biscuit's kids!!!


Lourdes, VT said...

Wonderful!!! Thank you for sharing!!!

Anonymous said...

Great article! I bought my best furry friend some kennels in Edmonton. They work great!

Nessmuk said...

That was too cool.....nice to know what you are looking for on these training runs.....and nice to see the pups doing their thing....everyone looks happy happy happy!