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Thursday, August 8, 2013

The "Denali Wilderness Express" Princess Train

This is the eighth summer that Aliy and Allen have been welcoming tourists to Alaska on Princess Cruises' express train from Whittier to Denali National Park. Our mushers catch the train at a flag stop near Hurricane Gulch two times each week during tourist season. Each train day they see about 600 folks. Over the course of the summer they reach about 10,000 visitors.

Their mission is to impart a bit of knowledge about this vast state and the hearty souls who live here. They answer questions about surviving during Interior Alaska's winters. "How cold does it really get?"

Aliy and Allen bring the Alaska state sport of dog mushing to life. They tell stories of their personal history, their Alaskan Husky athletes and their racing adventures. They chat one-on-one with visitors about dog breeding, training and nutrition. It's during these conversations that Aliy and Allen are true ambassadors for Alaska and dog mushing.

As always, they have fun.
Here they are in action!

L-R: Aliy speaks under the glass dome of the Princess train; Aliy and the Conductor.

Allen poses with his Mom, Donnie, at the Denali Railroad Depot.


Anonymous said...

Any chance this Saturday is one of their days? My sister and her husband are on the train (coming off of the Diamond Princess. We told them before they left to be sure and look for SP Kennel.

Nessmuk said...

My Boss and his family chatted with you on the Train last summer.....he knew all about the Iditarod since I "make" the whole office play Iditarod with me each March! But his meeting with you and Allen on that train made me up my interest in SP Kennel.....and now Im a die hard fan! You two are great ambassadors of the sport...and the train is a great way to spread the word about this awesome sport!

Alisa Albrecht said...

Thanks for posting, I always love reading about you guys.

Margaret said...

Thanks for this backgrounder!

A few months ago, would you believe that I was wearing my SP Kennel cap while at a meeting back here in Connecticut, my former State Senator said - "Oh - I met Aliy when I visited Alaska and took a train trip!"

Thanks again!!!

Aliy Zirkle said...

I'm sue that we will see your sister on Saturday!!

Lourdes, Vt said...

How fun!!! Lucky visitors of Alaska who get to talk to Aliy and Allen and, who get to hear about their beautiful pups!

Unknown said...

Good times!

Susan said...

Good times. Glad you're still entertaining and educating!

Marilyn Cozzens said...

What great ambassadors you are Aliy & Allen! How exciting to share your lifestyle and facts about Alaska. Lucky passengers.