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Monday, June 24, 2013

SPIN #3 (SP Interesting News)

Still way too hot for Interior Alaska. Highs of 85 to 90 this week and little chance of rain.

My plan was to write a short piece in July about the SP Kennel community's dedication to the prevention and control of wildland fires during the summer. Sudden, fast moving wildfires are a fact of life in Alaska where most of us live in the woods. During very hot, dry weather (like last week's sunny, 88 degrees and relative humidity of 17%) these woods become tinder boxes. Lightening or human error can cause an inferno. And that's what happened one week ago.

Aliy's post on June 18 explained the fire that came way too close to home last Monday. Even though the fire is contained, it still has the potential to flare up. An Incident Command Post (ICP) is now set up in the parking lot of Two Rivers Lodge. Firefighting crews with extensive ground equipment continue to check the entire 120 acre burn for hot spots. They will monitor the burn area until weather conditions change.

Our SP family was intimately involved in fire mitigation from the beginning. Ray coordinated Initial Attack Resources until the fire was contained. Ryne and Kaz were among the first volunteers with dog trucks to help evacuate dogs. Abbie West, neighbor and local musher, directed traffic. Derrick, who has been a smoke jumper for 20 years, was Jumper in Charge of the team that jumped into the neighboring field. Our neighbor Jeff, along with Kaz and Ryne, helped ferry the smoke jumpers to the active site. Meghan, who is a dispatcher for the Alaska Fire Service this summer, was on the west side of the fire, providing moral support for the evacuees. Doug and I evacuated Megan's dogs and stood sentinel at SP in case we had to move dogs while Aliy and Allen hurried home.

I want to personally thank the Alaska Fire Service and Division of Forestry for an incredibly professional job of protecting our lives and property. And special kudos to our family, friends and neighbors here in Two Rivers who volunteered unselfishly. So there, Superman, Batman and Ironman! Here in Two Rivers we are surrounded by the real SUPER HEROES.

Click here for an interesting article on the aircraft used in fighting our fire.

This past week Aliy, Allen, Mickey, Doug and Ranger travelled to Anchorage to touch base with our SP Kennel major sponsors and supporters. On Wednesday Aliy and Allen (and Ranger) presented an Iditarod overview to 'Visit Anchorage', a group of Alaska tourism business leaders. On Thursday we joined our Clarion Suites friends at a fund raising event for the fantastic Alaska Zoo. On Friday we visited the Horizon Lines headquarters, where Ranger was star of the show. Then Friday afternoon Doug and Allen played in a golf tournament to support Covenant House of Anchorage. Busy few days!!

L-R: Doug, Aliy, Barbara from Clarion Suites and Quality Inn, and Allen at the Zoo, Ranger calls the meeting to order at Horizon Lines' offices.


Anonymous said...

Great Article Kennel Mom! Was so proud of our team during the fire event. other locals like Mariska, Petra and Pleasant Valley store kept us updated as well. So grateful all worked out so well!! There were also Wonder Woman's and Xena's amongst you! Woof Woof!
Safe Journeys to all on your travels this Summer and thanks for the kennel updates. Padee Santa Rosa, CA

Anonymous said...

What a team!!! Of course we always knew that:)

Keep safe and have a wonderful summer together,
Zirkles plus.

An old NH friend. CT

Marilyn Cozzens said...

That is good news that the fire is under control. Hope there are no more wild fires there this is summer. It is great the way the community pulls together. WOW! what a busy week. And this is your "down time". Makes my head spin thinking about all that activity. Ranger looks like he will keep things in order. Super dog & super heroes.

Margaret said...

SPKennel Mom -

I really enjoy your updates on the exploits of 2-legged and 4-legged team members in the of season!

Thanks so much for sharing.

Lisa B said...

Love your posts Kennel Mom, they are great. Thanks for taking the time to write & post them!

Connie loveall said...

I dinnt know about the fires... Glad to hear the fires r under control. Keep safe and enjoy, and have a great summer together. Aliey I meant you and Allen last year when he won the Yukon Quest.. You were amaziy so nice to me. Your whole team was the most wonderful people I have meant at the races. You let me meet the dogs even though u had already put them in the truck. That amazed me so much, and I still talk about it to this day. I enjoy all of your SP news. enjoy your web site . I am coming up to alaska in July, staying on the Kenia River in a cabin. I work for Delta Airlines, so all of this is possible for me to come up to Alaska any time. 5 of us r coming up. I am going to do the helicopter ride to a glazier out of Girdwood while i am there. Just want to get a little taste of what u do. Hope it is a good tour. I will see you again at the yukon quest this next year, and I do hope to go to the finish in Canada to. Going to try to do Idiarod which I have never done but did watch it on the GPS this year. Awesome sit up they have.. Any way sorry to keep u, but be safe and enjoy your summer and see u at the races. A dadecaded follower to u and you husband. Thanks, Connie from Florida!!!!