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Thursday, June 27, 2013

More Alaska Family Tidbits

The Crowe Family - Kaz, Ray and Sam - live in a log cabin on the edge of a black spruce forest a little way across the Chena River valley from the kennel. The neighborhood is very independent with most families subsisting on hunted meat and fish, gardened vegetables, bee hive honey and neighborhood chicken eggs. This is the time of year to get the veggies going and growing. The permafrost in the ground around their cabin doesn't allow for "normal" gardening practices so, Kaz and Sam work their magic in a tightly packed greenhouse and several raised beds.

Kaz has been writing a Blog - Check it out HERE


Kay Majors said...

Love it! A little more self-sufficiency (and self-responsibility) is what this country's people need to cultivate. How about a self-sufficiency reality show?

Nessmuk said...

This is awesome....if I could make a shameless plug for the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service I have worked for since 1987...the Web Soil Survey is one of the many resources we put out there for the public....Im SO glad folks are finding it and Blogs such as this is a great way to get the info out there! We also provide cost share for High Tunnels....those plastic covered green houses you see in the pictures to extend the growing season. Locally grown produce is a big thing these days...as is pastured poultry and grass fed beef. All of this can be done at a small scale....power to the Homesteaders!

Lourdes, VT said...

Great post Aliy. What a healthy lifestyle! Thank you for sharing!

EPetsRoyal said...

Everything is way too commercialized. Sounds wonderful to live alongside nature.